How To Prepare For Reliance Jio 2022

How To Prepare For Reliance Jio For Freshers

How To Prepare For Reliance Jio 2022?

If you are looking for How to prepare for Reliance Jio 2022 then you are at correct place. Reliance Jio is the National LTE Mobile Communication Network. It is in one of the top place in mobile communication system.Hence this is a great chance for students to secure a job role in Reliance Jio.

On this page you will find how to prepare  for Reliance Jio Placement for freshers  and detailed information about them.

Reliance Jio Placement test for Freshers Can be devided into three parts:

  • Online written test
  • Psychometric test
  • Technical test
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How to Prepare for Reliance Jio For Freshers

Difficulty Level of Reliance Jio is between Medium to High. Below mentioned are the sections that come in Reliance Jio Test

  •  Reliance Jio Verbal Ability Test
  • Reliance Jio Reasoning Ability Test
  • Reliance Jio Numerical Ability Test
  • Reliance Jio Tecnhical Test

Reliance Jio 2022 Test Pattern For Freshers

Reliance Jio
  • Numerical Ability :
    • Questions – 10 Ques
    • Time – 10 mins
  • Verbal Ability :
    • Questions- 10 Ques
    • Time- 10 mins
  • Reasoning Ability :
    • Questions- 10 Ques
    • Time- 10 mins
  • Psychometric Test :
      • Questions- 50 Ques
      • Time- 12 mins
  • Technical Test  :
    • IT Questions- 15 Ques
    • Time- 15 mins
    • Electronics Questions- 15 Ques
    • Time- 15 mins

How to prepare for Reliance Jio: Exam Pattern

Below different sections are mentioned in which questions are classified along with their time duration.
Reliance Jio Exam 2022 No. of Questions Time
Numerical Ability 10 Ques. 10 mins
Verbal Ability 10 Ques. 10 mins
Reasoning Ability 10 Ques. 10 mins
Psychometric 50 Ques. 12 mins
IT 30 Ques. 15 mins
Electronics 30 Ques. 15 mins

Below you can find the topics for How to Prepare for Reliance JioTest?


Section 1- Aptitude Test

Reliance Jio Aptitude TopicsNo. Of Questions In TestDifficulty
Time & Work0-2Medium
Mixture & Alligation0-2Medium
Time, Speed and Distance, Boats and Streams0-2High
Profit & Loss0-1High
Number System0-1High
Permutation and Combinations0-1High

Section 2- Verbal Ability

Reliance Jio Verbal Topics No. Of Questions DIFFICULTY
Reading Comprehension 1-2 Medium
Sentence/Word Completion 0-2 Medium
Antonyms 1-2 High
Sentence/ Word correction 0-4 Medium
Synonyms 0-2 High
Idioms & Phrases 0-1 Medium
Para Jumbles 0-2 Medium

Section 3- Logical Reasoning

Reliance Jio  Logical Reasoning Topics NO. OF QUESTIONS IN TEST DIFFICULTY
Syllogism 1-2 Medium
Venn Diagram 0-2 Medium
Direction & Sense 0-2 High
Cubes 0-2 Medium
Blood Relation 0-2 High
Data Interpretation 0-1 Medium
Visual Reasoning 0-2 Medium
Coding and Decoding 0-1 High
Data Sufficiency 0-1 High
Input and Output 0-1 High
Data Arrangement 0-1 High

FAQ's on How to Prepare for Reliance Jio

What is the best way to prepare for Reliance Jio 2022 Exam?

The Best way for the preparation of Reliance Jio Exam are:

  1. Get your basic clear and strong for each section.
  2. You should go through the PrepInsta study material get an overview what type of questions Reliance Jio asks in the exam.
  3. You must have good Knowledge of Coding , Electronics domain and Aptitude.
  4. Practice for all sections, Give time according to your capacity.
  5. Try mock exam to test your preparation level.

What are the important topics of Electronics to study for Reliance Jio Placement Exam?

Given below are some important topics for Reliance Jio

  1. Network Theory
  2. Computer Communication
  3. Wireless Communications
  4. Digital Signal Processing
  5. Microwave Engineering
  6. Electromagnetic Field Theory

Is Prepinsta's Study material enough to prepare for Reliance Jio?

Yes, according to the candidates, PrepInsta’s study content as well as mocks and quizzes, are enough to pass the exam. However to earn good grades, you must plan ahead of time using our dashboards.