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Octal To Binary Conversion | C Program

Octal to binary conversion:-

The C program helps to convert octal number to binary number. In this program, the user is asked to insert an octal number and by using a loop or if-else statement, the user can convert an octal number to binary number. An integer variable is required to be used in the program.

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Octal to binary conversion in C programming (1)


Step 1: Start

Step 2: Ask the user to enter an octal number as an input.

Step 3: Store the inserted number in the array octalnum.

Step 4: With the help of switch statement, evaluate every number of the octal number

Step 5: Print the equal binary value in a 3 digit number (Eg. 000)

Step 6: Do step 4 under the while loop.

Step 7: Stop

Program to convert octal number to binary number:

 * C Program to Convert Octal to Binary number
#define MAX 1000 int main() {     char octalnum[MAX];
//For initialize     long i = 0;
//taking user input of octalnum     printf("Insert an octal number: ");     scanf("%s", octalnum);     printf("Equivalent binary number: ");     while (octalnum[i])     {
//use switch case for multiple condition         switch (octalnum[i])         {         case '0':             printf("000"); break;         case '1':             printf("001"); break;         case '2':             printf("010"); break;         case '3':             printf("011"); break;         case '4':             printf("100"); break;         case '5':             printf("101"); break;         case '6':             printf("110"); break;         case '7':             printf("111"); break;         //for invalid case
default:             printf("\n Invalid octal digit %c ", octalnum[i]);             return 0;         }         i++;     }     return 0; }


Insert an octal number: a
Equivalent binary value:
Invalid octal digit a
Insert an octal number: 160
Equivalent binary value: 001110000