CoCubes Previous Papers and Pattern for Cocubes Questions

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Cocubes previous questions with answers

Most of all Cocubes is used by many companies to Hire directly for off/on campus. A few companies that use Cocubes Test Papers with Answers for hiring are-

  • Bosch
  • Tata
  • Capgemini
  • Zs Associates
  • Huawie
  • Samsung
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • Cocubes Renault Nissan

Some other companies that use Cocubes Online Test – JBM Group, HERO, Renault NISSAN, Mahindra & Mahindra, MITSUBISHI, Sundarm Clayton, Mphasis, CMC, Force Motors, Ericsson.

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Paid Section (Expect upto 60% CoCubes Papers and Questions from here)

CoCubes Test Papers Free Sections – Expect upto 30% from these

In addition here are CoCubes Previous Questions from past papers –

Cocubes previous years papers with solutions

Find CoCubes Questions on Quants previous year papers, sample papers, models.

Cocubes Sample Papers and CoCubes previous papers

Find Cocubes Questions for Verbal English Previous papers, model papers, questions and sample papers with solutions.

Cocubes placement papers and model papers with CoCubes Online Test

Find Cocubes Questions for Analytical Reasoning previous papers, questions, model papers, sample papers.

cocubes questions and Cocubes Pre Access questions with answers

Cocubes CSE papers with answers for CoCubes Previous Year Papers.

CoCubes Placement Papers Computer Science(Domain Module)

This sections has 20 Ques and time will be 20 mins.

Cocubes Previous Papers : Coding Questions with Solutions

Find all the Coding Round Questions asked in Cocubes here finally.

Also there is a coding module also asked for some companies while taking CoCubes test for them

CoCubes Test Papers Essay Writing Section and Topics

Furthermore, CoCubes also gives companies an option to have to the student write essay where they basically check if you’re good with written English or writing emails basically while taking Cocubes placement Papers with answers PDF.

On the image right you will find email from Cocubes, when your test center details are sent, read every detail closely in the image..

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cocubes registration email and preparation material

COCUBES SYLLABUS and Paper Pattern Analysis

Cocubes Questions in Cocubes Placement Paper Syllabus

Cocubes Placement Papers Questions TopicsNumber QuestionsTotal TimeDifficultyCut off to get Job
Cocubes Aptitude Questions1515Medium80%ile
Verbal English1515Medium80%ile
Cocubes Logical and Analytical1515Medium – High80%ile
Cocubes Computer Fundamentals1515High75%ile
Written English Test125 minsMediumScore of 6/10

For Cocubes Test Papers Conducted online this is the most general Paper Pattern for CoCubes Questions.

All Branches – English Usage + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning 

  • Ques – 15 each
  • Total Time – 45 mins + 25 mins(WET)

Written English Test (WET) – Essay type question. Need to Write an article in 25 mins.

Branch Specific – English Usage + Analytical Reasoning + Numerical Reasoning + Domain Module (20 min)

  • Ques – 15 each/20 for Domain Module
  • Total time – 45 mins+ 25 mins(WET) +20 mins (Domain Module)

CoCubes Papers Cut off Percentile

For Cocubes Papers here is the Cutoff percentile as observed from cocubes previous year question paper.

  • English – 70 – 80%ile (9 – 13 Correct Questions in Cocubes Papers)
  • Analytical Reasoning – 60 – 70%ile (8 – 11 Correct Ques)
  • Quants – 70 – 85%ile (11 – 12 Correct Ques)
  • For CS – 80+%ile (10 – 14 Correct Questions in Papers)

Cocubes Previous Questions and Papers based FAQ’s

Q. How many days are enough to prepare for CoCubes?

Ans. While I strongly recommend to take atleast 2 month to prepare before giving CoCubes PreAccess Test to score a good percentile in the test but I think 1 month is enough and to get a good percentile you must study from CoCubes Previous Year Papers.

Ques. Are Cocubes Previous Papers and Questions repeated in Exams?

Ans. Yes, Cocubes Previous Papers are repeated with very high repetition chance over the papers and our Previous CoCubes placement papers with answers PDF with help you practice questions that will be repeated in the Cocubes papers therefore.

cocubes microsoft online test questions based FAQ’s

Ques. Microsoft takes Cocubes  is it enough to prepare for it?

Ans. Yes Cocubes questions are used by the company and our dashboard is enough to prepare for the same in Cocubes Online Test.

CoCubes Success Stories and How to get a job through CoCubes

  • Name – Prakhar Kumar
  • College – Amity University, Noida
  • CoCubes Percentile – 99.67%ile

Cocubes Online Test Interview –

Q. Which company were you placed in due to CoCubes?

A. I have CoCubes Online test paper many times, out of those while Microsoft Shortlisted me for the interview which consisted of 4 round of interview. I joined JP Morgan since the joining date came earlier.

Q. What advice will you give to people who are attending on campus Cocubes test paper or maybe Off Campus Cocubes Test What are the best strategies and tricks to prepare for Cocubes Online test papers?

Ans. First of all be patient you can’t study for placements in a week or 2. The ideal time is atleast 3 months. If you’re looking for a services company like Capgemini, Wipro etc. Then I will suggest solve previous year Cocubes test papers and Cocubes previous papers with Solutions PDF since the interview will be relatively easier. You need to crack the test paper first.

Q. How was Prepinsta Beneficial for you in the preparation of CoCubes Placement Papers?

Ans.Because the content structure is well organised and I didnt need to study from anywhere else to practice questions.

Also the CoCubes placement Papers Questions were repeated in the exam from the paid materials where Cocubes previous papers with Solutions were given which helped me solve the question correct

Hence, I was able to save time for solving the questions which were new. In conclusion as much as 60% of the paper was same in the paper.

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