What is CoCubes Test?

What is CoCubes Pre-Assess Test 2023

CoCubes Test commonly known as Pre-assessment Test

  • One of the best Platform for the graduate or under graduate candidates for their placement
  • More than 500+ companies hire through CoCubes.
  • On this page you will get all the updated information related to Preparation of CoCubes, syllabus, eligibility criteria, registration process, minimum cutoffs, etc.
What is CoCubes Test 2023?

Points to be Remembered

Difficulty level of CoCubes is Moderate so you don’t need to worry about its preparation. 

What is CoCubes Test – Eligibility Criteria

There is no eligibility criteria to take the CoCubes test. Normally, companies hiring through CoCubes test set their own criteria for their Recruitment.

BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or M.Sc.
Other Branches
  • MCA, MBA graduates are eligible to apply.
  • BCA graduates are also eligible to apply.
BacklogNo active Backlog
Class 10th marksMore than 60%
Class 12th marksMore than 60%
GraduationMore than 60%
Coding LanguageC, C++, Python, C Sharp

CoCubes Exam Pattern (Updated)

Round 1
Online Written Test
  • Quants + English + Logical- 30 Question in 45 Minutes
  • Computer Fundamentals - 15 Question in 15 minutes
  • Domain Related Questions - 20 Question in 20 minutes
  • Psychometric Test - 50 Question in 12 minutes
  • Coding Round - 3 Question in 45 minutes
  • Witten English Test - 1 Question in 25 minutes
  • Round 2
    Technical Interview
    • Questions related to Technical Background
    Round 3
    HR Round
    • This is one of the easiest Round
    • Questions will be of basics and behavioural

    CoCubes Test Syllabus

    CoCubes Test


    Topics Covered in CoCubes Aptitude Test.

    • Algebra
    • Equations
    • Progression
    • Profit & Loss
    • Ratio and Proportion
    • Mensuration
    • Logarithms
    • Simple and Compound Interest
    • Trigonomtery
    • Mixture and Allegations
    • Divisibility…..

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    What is CoCubes


    Topics Covered in CoCubes Logical Test.

    • Arrangements
    • Visual Reasoning
    • Blood Relations
    • Flowcharts-Visual Reasoning-DI
    • Statement & Conclusions
    • Coding  Decoding
    • Agree Degree pshychometric
    • Directional Sense
    • Analogies
    • Seating Arrangement
    • Logical Sequence….

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    CoCubes Pre-assess test


    Topics Covered in CoCubes Verbal Test.

    • Sentence Correction
    • Prepositions
    • Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension
    • Synonyms & Antonym
    • Idioms and Phrases
    • Speech and Tenses
    • Article
    • Sentence Selection
    • Spotting Error
    • Sentence Completion….

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    CoCubes Test 2020

    Computer Programming

    Topics Covered in CoCubes Computer Programming Test.

    • C
    • C++
    • OOPS Concepts
    • DBMS
    • OS Concepts
    • Data Structures & Algorithm
    • Computer Networks
    • Computer Architecture and Organisation

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    Companies Hiring Through CoCubes

    List of Companies hiring through CoCubes Package
    Flipkart 23 Lpa
    Adobe 22 Lpa
    Mu Sigma 21 Lpa
    Yellow Messanger 17 Lpa
    Amazon 13 Lpa
    Shobha Developers 12 Lpa
    Motorola Mobility 11 Lpa
    Adobe Systems 10.6 Lpa
    The Solar Labs 10 Lpa
    Smarter Codes 10 Lpa
    Airyel Africa 8.5 Lpa
    Toppr 8 Lpa
    Akzo Nobel 8 Lpa
    Covert Cart 8 Lpa
    Signal Chip 8 Lpa

    What is Minimum Cut off Required for CoCubes Test?

    About CoCubes

    CoCubes  Cut-Off vary constantly depending on the post and package.

    Marking Scheme of CoCubes

    • Incorrect: No Negative Marking
    • Unattempted: 0 marks

    How to Register for CoCubes Test

    Through College

    Steps to register for CoCubes Test- 

    • First ask to you Placement Officer whether your college is registered for CoCubes or not.
    • If yes, then ask your college to send your data to Cocubes website.
    • If no,  you can ask your Placement Officer to send the details to CoCubes and once they receive your data they will generate login password and send it to you via email and SMS.

    Register for CoCubes Test Individually

    Steps to register for Cocubes- 

    • Send a mail to the cocubes support.
    • After getting the login password to your CoCubes account, you can buy the CoCubes annual subscription.

    CoCubes Syllabus and Test Pattern


    Benifits of CoCubes Test

    CoCubes Test or CoCubes Pre-assess Test gives you a platform to achieve your dream job.

    • CoCubes provides 700+ companies to get placed.
    • You will be recommended in all companies on the basis of your CoCubes Score.
    • No Eligibility Criteria.
    • You can get your dream job via your CoCubes Score.
    • Cost and Benifits of CoCubes

    Who can take CoCubes Exam?

    • Freshers holding BE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or MBA, BCA, B.com degree.
    • Experienced can also add their CoCubes Scores in their Linkedin Profile.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    AMCAT, eLitmus and CoCubes which is a better option in terms of Core Job?

    These 3 platform have their own benefits depending upon the Candidate requirement. If you are looking for a job in your own field then you must go for CoCubes. For more you can click on the link below.

    CoCubes, elitmus or AMCAT

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