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Cocubes Essay Topics, CoCubes WET Topics, Cocubes Essay Writing Paper, Cocubes Written English Test Topics,  CoCubes Essay Writing Sections asked in CoCubes WET section i.e CoCubes Written English Test, Cocubes Essay Writing Topics.

CoCubes WET Topics – Written English Test

  • Time Duration for Essay Writing – 30 mins
  • Number of Essay – 1
  • Total Words – The number of words were never mentioned in the test however the CoCubes Text Editor had a limit of 5000 words.

I think a 300-500 word essay is enough for CoCubes WET Topics.

Topics for Essay Writing in CoCubes Paper

  • First Campus Interview Experience
  • My Best Friend
  • Are we too dependent on Computers
  • Digitization and its benefits
  • My last vacation with Parents
  • Are corrupt but efficient politicians better than honest but inefficient politicians
  • Education – Importance in the development of the country
  • Your Favorite Sports person
  • My Dream job
  • Is Climate change real?
  • Write an essay on ‘corporate hospitals vs medical ethics’
  • Write an essay on ‘Learning vs Understanding’.
  • Spending habits drifting away financial security
  • Child counselling place a vital role in student or children.
  • Should laptop replace textbooks in schools
  • Impact of social networking & social networking sites
  • How technology has connect people
  • Views on manual or automated work through software
  • Your view on – we are depending too much on loans
  • Education needs to be practical
  • Spirituality in corporate world
  • A person Education achievement depends upon family, friends and society.give your views for or against this topic

TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ESSAY WRITING IN CoCubes for Cocubes Written English Test Topics

Number of words that you write do not matter to be honest.

A 300 word essay is enough. What they will award points or deduct points on are the following –

  • Spellings
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Paragraphisation(Divide in 2/3 Para)
  • Using heavy words that are considered to be proficient in English will not award extra points
  • Thus it is advisable to write in normal English with good grammar and spelling and punctuation in Cocubes Written English Test Topics.



Check out this video below on Cocubes Preparation Tips by PrepInsta, know more about cut off marks pattern and companies using Cocubes and other Tips and Tricks

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