Taking 2-2 Liters of Water

Taking 2-2 Liters of Water

Taking 2-2 Liters of Water

There are two bottles which need to be filled by taking 2-2 liters water only. Go through the premise, rule and objective carefully and answer the puzzle accordingly.

Premise – There are two bottles of 10 liters. Each bottle is completely filled with water. Our target is taking 2-2 liters of water in empty bottles.

Rule –  You can use only 4 bottles that are (filled with 10 liters, filled with 10 liters, 5 liter-empty, 4 liter-empty) to transfer the water. [Wasting or throwing of water is not permitted]

Objective – Now there are 2 persons having empty bottles of 4 liters and 5 liters and want to take 2-2 liters of water. How can this be done?

Solution for distribution of water

In order to find solution to this puzzle let us look at the given steps for a brief understanding.

  1. At the initial state we have two bottles filled with 10 liters of water and one empty bottle of 4-liter and one empty bottle of 5-liter.
  2. Now let us name first 10 liter bottle as A, 2nd 10 liter bottle as B , third 4-litre bottle as C and fourth 5-litre bottle as D.
  3. We will transfer 5 liter water from Bottle B to Bottle D.
  4. Now, transfer water from Bottle D to Bottle C.
  5. Now, empty water from Bottle C to Bottle B which makes it 9 liters in it.
  6. Transfer leftover water from Bottle D to C.
  7. Transfer water from Bottle A to D, that makes 5 liters in both the bottles.
  8. Now transfer the water from bottle D to Bottle C and make it full that is Bottle C = 4 liters filled.
  9. Now Bottle D is left with 2 liters of water and therefore we achieve one bottle filled with only 2 liters of water.
  10. Now transfer complete water from Bottle C, to Bottle B and make it completely full.
  11. This way we are left with only 2 liters in Bottle C, 10 liters in Bottle B and 6 liters in bottle A.
  12. Therefore, we have achieved 2nd bottle with 2 liters water only.

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Taking 2-2 Liters of Water
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