TCS Ninja Interview Questions

TCS Ninja Interview Questions 2024

Find the latest TCS Ninja Interview Questions asked for the 2024 batch candidates. Also included TCS Ninja Interview Experiences and TCS Ninja Interview Pattern.

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Why floating-point values do not represent exact value?
TCS Ninja Pattern

TCS Ninja Interview Pattern

The first round is the Online Written Test.

After clearing the Online Written Test, the next step is the TCS Interview. There are usually three interviews conducted by TCS:-

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview
  • Managerial Interview.

TCS can conduct all these rounds in one single session or break them down into different sessions spanning one to two days.

TCS Ninja Technical Interview Questions

Question 1: What is an IP address?

IP address is a set of unique numbers associated with each device connected to the internet. These are created and assigned by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). IP Address ranges from to

Question 2: In header files whether functions are declared or defined?

In header files, functions are declared. They are defined in the lib (library).

Question 3: What do you mean by inline function?

Inline Function is a C++ feature. When an inline function is declared, the compiler makes a copy of it at each checkpoint, where the function is compiled.

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Question 4: What is the use of realloc() and free()?

  • free() is used to deallocate a block of memory that was previously allocated by calloc() or malloc() functions. The free () function deallocates memory, making it open for allocation.
  • realloc() resizes memory blocks that were previously allocated by malloc() or calloc().

Question 5: What are the two integrity rules used in DBMS?

There are two integrity rules in DBMS, these are:-

  • Entity integrity:-

primary keys are unique and cannot be null.

  • Referential integrity:-

foreign keys can be null so as long as they are not part of the table’s primary key.

Question 6: What is cache memory?

Cache memory is a high-speed memory that efficiently retrieves data from the computer’s memory. The advantage of cache memory is that it reduces the time to access data from the main memory.

Question 7: Explain the difference between 'operator new' and the 'new' operator.

  • Operator new is a function that is used to allocate memory. It is closer to malloc() and calloc().
  • New operator denotes request memory allocation on the heap section.

Question 8: Differentiate between the = symbol and == symbol.

  • = is a mathematical symbol used to assign a value to any variable
  • == is the equivalent operator which compares two values.

Question 9: What is Six Sigma?

Six sigma is a set of tools that helps organizations expand their business. It uses and analyses data and gives inferences on how to reduce errors.

Question 10: How many stacks are required to implement a Queue?

Two stacks are required to implement a queue.

TCS Ninja HR Interview Questions

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

This is the first question that the interviewer usually asks. It is one of the most important questions and you need to prepare well for this one. Keep your introduction short and up to the point. Refrain from giving any unnecessary details. 

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Question 2: Are you ready to relocate for this job?

Yes, I am ready to relocate if necessary. I won’t have any issue moving.

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Question 3: Tell me about your final year project.

  • start with giving a basic overview of your project.
  • this includes what its function is, who this project caters to, etc.
  • specify your role in the team.
  • tell the interviewer what work you did and how you did so.
  • include the technologies you worked on and how you did so.
  • if there were any problems during this time period, tell the interviewer how you solved them.
  • bonus points if you can present a demo of your project during the interview.

Question 4: What are you expecting from this job?

I think with this job I can utilize my skills and improve where I am lacking. With this job, I am aiming to start my career and learn how I can succeed in the corporate world.

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Question 5: Are you ready to sign a service agreement?

TCS has a service agreement for two years. This means that a candidate once selected cannot leave the company before two years are over. And in case they want to leave they have to pay a certain amount.

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Question 6: Are you comfortable working night shifts?

Global companies like TCS work 24 hours, and therefore they offer rotational shifts to their employees. Therefore they ask the candidates whether or not they are okay working night shifts.

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Question 7: How do you manage stress?

I usually like to meditate and listen to calm music when stressed. 

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Question 8: Who is the CEO of TCS?

The current CEO of TCS is Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan.

Question 9: How would you rate me as an interview?

I don’t think I can rate you as you are far above me in terms of experience and skill level. 

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Question 10: Do you have any questions for me?

Always ask the interviewer one or two questions before ending the interview. This gives a positive impact on the interviewer.

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