Tips and Tricks and Shortcuts for Table Charts

Tips and tricks for Table chart

Here on this page you will get to learn about the Tips and tricks and shortcuts for  Table Charts.

You will also find some rules and methods to solve Questions for Table chart.

tips and tricks and shortcuts for table chart

Tips and Tricks for Table Charts solution

The points given below helps in solving table chart solutions : 

  • Do not describe all the data presented – present the main points of each feature (you should make sure you mention each feature though)
  • Look for significant data; e.g. the highest, the lowest etc
  • Try and group the data.  This may require you to use some general knowledge about the world, such as recognizing developed and developing countries

Step by Step guide to solve Table chart :

  • Understand the Table Structure: Begin by carefully examining the table’s structure. Identify column headers, row labels, and any subheadings or categories.
  • Read the Questions First: Before diving into the table, read the questions associated with it. This will guide your focus and help you identify what specific information you need to extract or analyze.

  • Skim the Table: Start with a quick scan of the entire table to get a general sense of its content. Note any patterns, trends, or outliers that catch your eye during this initial scan.

  • Identify Relevant Rows and Columns: Once you’ve read the questions, pinpoint the rows and columns in the table that are directly related to the information required to answer those questions.

  • Focus on Key Values: Concentrate on the key values, numbers, or data points that directly address the questions. Avoid getting bogged down by irrelevant information.

  • Apply Filtering and Sorting: If the table is extensive, consider using filters or sorting features (if available) to narrow down the data or organize it in a way that facilitates your analysis.

  • Calculate and Summarize: If the questions involve calculations or summarizations (e.g., averages, totals, percentages), perform these operations systematically. Double-check your calculations to ensure accuracy.

To know more about formulas of Table chart click the link below .

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Study the following table and answer the questions.

Classification of 100 Students Based on the Marks Obtained by them in Physics and Chemistry in an Examination.

Table chart tips and tricks and shortcuts

Question 1.

If at least 70% marks in Physics are required for pursuing higher studies in Physics, how many students will be eligible to pursue higher studies in Physics?


(A) 27

(B) 32

(C) 34

(D) 41

Answer: Option B


We have 70% of 50 =  \frac{70}{100} \ * 50 = 35
\implies Required number

= No. of students scoring 35 and above marks in Physics

= 32

Question 2.

If it is known that at least 25 students were eligible for a Symposium on Chemistry, then the minimum qualifying marks in Chemistry for eligibility to Symposium would lie in the range?


(A) 40-45

(B) 30-40

(C) 20-30

(D)  Below 20

Answer: Option C


Since 66 students get 20 and above marks in Chemistry and out of these 21 students get 30 and above marks, therefore to select top 25 students in Chemistry, the qualifying marks should lie in the range 20-30.

tips and tricks and shortcuts for table chart

Question 1

How many marks did Yash get in all Subject together ?


(A) 456
(B) 477
(C) 487
(D) 507

Explanations:-  \frac{73*150}{100} \ +  \frac{80*150}{100} \ +  \frac{70*150}{100} \ +  \frac{60*75}{100} \ +  \frac{65*75}{100} \ +  \frac{65*75}{100} \

= 109.5 + 120 + 105 + 45 + 48.75 + 48.75
= 477

Correct options (B)

Question 2

What is the average marks obtain by all the student in Chemistry ?


(A) 55.67
(B) 48.25
(C) 56.65
(D) 64.33

Explanations:- Total number scored by 3 students in Chem = 193.
\frac{193*75}{100} * \frac{1}{3} \
= 48.25

Correct Option is (C)

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