How to Solve Radar Chart Questions Quickly

How to Solve Radar Chart Quickly

Here will get to know about How to solve Radar chart easily and Quickly. Radar Chart are a Useful way to display MultiVariate Observations.

Typically , Radar Charts are generated in a Multi – Plot Format with many Stars on each Page and Each star Representing one Observation.

How to Solve Radar Chart Quickly

How to solve Radar Chart Quickly 

Application of Radar Chart

It is the Control of Quality improvement to display the Performance Matrices of any ongoing Program.

It is also used in Sports to Chart Players Strengths and Weakness , Where they are Usually Called Spider Charts.

Elements of Radar Chart

Elements  Uses
Center Point Center of the radar chart from which axis for different subjects protrude out.
Axis Center of the radar chart from which axis for different subjects protrude out.
Values Values are represented on each axis with different colors.
Grids When values of a particular case are linked in all the axis it forms a web like structure which helps in representing information.

Key Concepts of Radar Chart :

  • Axes: A radar chart consists of a set of radiating axes or spokes that extend outward from a central point. Each axis represents a different variable or category. The number of axes depends on the number of variables you want to compare. For example, if you are comparing five attributes, you would have five axes evenly spaced around the central point.

  • Data Points: Data points are plotted along each axis at a distance from the central point, representing the values of the variables for a particular data point. These data points are connected by lines to create a closed shape, often resembling a polygon or a web. The shape formed by the lines provides a visual representation of how the data point performs across the different variables.

  • Normalization: To ensure a fair comparison, it’s common to normalize the data before plotting it on a radar chart. Normalization involves scaling all the data values within a consistent range, typically from 0 to 1. This process ensures that variables with different units or scales can be effectively compared on the chart.

  • Positioning Data Points: The process of positioning data points on the radar chart involves converting the normalized values back into Cartesian coordinates (x, y) for plotting. The formulas used for this conversion depend on the angles and distances corresponding to each axis and data point.

  • Data Interpretation: Radar charts provide a visual means to assess how a data point’s values compare across different variables. Users can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in the performance or attributes of the entities being analyzed. The area enclosed by the lines connecting the data points can also be used to make comparisons; a larger area typically indicates better overall performance.

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Questions and Answers of Radar Chart

Given Below is  A Radar Chart for Sale of a Fan and Cooler of a Company from 1995 – 2000(in Thousands)

How to Solve Radar Chart Quickly

Question 1 What is the Sale of Cooler in 1995?

A: 20,000

B:  15, 000

C:  22, 000

D: 30,000

Solutions : Cooler is Represented by Blue.

After Selecting 1995 when we See in 1995 Sales is 20, 000

Question 2 What is the Sale of Fan in 1999?

A: 15, 000

B: 20,000

C: Can not Find

D: None

Solutions :

Fan is Represented by Green.

After Selecting 1999 when we See in 1999 Sales is 20, 000

Question 3 What is the Sale of Fan in 1997?

A: 22, 000

B: 32, 000

C: can not Find

D: 31, 000

Solutions : In 1997 Number of sales of fan cant Find Exactly . So Can not Find will be Answer.

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