How to solve Line Chart Quickly

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Methods of Solving Line Charts quickly :

This slide is providing the  best method of solving the line charts .  It has many advantages and disadvantages for solving the line charts better.  Students has to carefully study the line chart and predict its data for calculating the questions easily .

Line Charts should have all the measures and steps to clearly analyse the questions and follow the details properly.

  1.  We will simply take all values and calculate the answers.
  2.  This approach rests on the assunmption of blocks.
  3.  It simplifies our calculations signifucantly .

Directions to Solve

Answer the questions based on the given line graph.

Ratio of Exports to Imports (in terms of money in Rs. crores) of Two Companies Over the Years.

How to Solve Line Chart Questions Quickly 1 to 3

Question 1.

In how many of the given years were the exports more than the imports for Company A?


Answer: Option B


The exports are more than imports in those years for which the exports to imports ratio are more than 1. For Company A, such years are 1995, 1996 and 1997.

Thus, during these 3 years, the exports are more than the imports for Company A.


Question 2.

In which year(s) was the difference between impors and exports of Company B the maximum?

C.1998 and 2000
D.Cannot be determined

Answer: Option D


We shall try to find the difference between the imports and exports of Company B for various years one by one:

For 1995: We have

\frac{E}{I} = 0.75

where E = amount of exports, I = amount of imports in 1995.

=> E = 0.75I

Therefore I – E = I – 0.75 x I = 0.25I.

Thus, the difference between the imports and exports of Company B in 1995 is dependent on the amount of imports of Company B in 1995.

Similarly, the difference for other years can be determined only if the amount of imports for these years is known.

Since the imports or exports for various years are not know, the differences between and exports for various years cannot be determined.

Question 3.

In 1995, the export of Company A was double that of Company B. If the imports of Company A during the year was Rs. 180 crores, what was the approximate amount of imports pf Company B during that year?

A.Rs. 190 crores
B.Rs. 210 crores
C.Rs. 225 crores
D.Cannot be determined

Answer: Option B


In 1995 for Company A we have:

\frac{E_{A}}{I_{A}} =1.75

[where EA = amount of exports, IA = amount of imports of Company a in 1995]

In 1995 for Company B we have:

\frac{E_{B}}{I_{B}} =0.75

[where EB = amount of exports, IB = amount of imports of Company B in 1995]

Also, we have EA = 2EB … (iii)

Substituting IA = Rs. 180 crores (given) in (i), we get:

EA = Rs. (180 x 1.75) crores = Rs. 315 crores.

Using EA = Rs. 315 crores in (iii), we get:

E_{B} = \frac{E_{A}}{2} = \frac{315}{2} crores

Substituting E_{B} = \frac{315}{2} crores in (ii) we get

I_{B} = \frac{E_{B}}{0.75} = Rs \frac{315}{2 \times 0.75}  = 210 crores

i.e., amount of imports of Company B in 1995 = Rs. 210 crores.