Why Python is a strongly typed language?

Strongly typed language

Strongly typed language

The programming language is referred to as the strongly typed language when the type of data like Integer, String, Float, etc are predefined. Also every variable or constant must be of the same data type. A variable or a constant are not allowed without its type. As python is a dynamically typed language type of the variable is defines when the code is interpreted. Let’s continue on the question “Why Python is a strongly typed language?”.

Language distribution according to their type.

Why Python is a strongly typed language

Why Python is a strongly typed language?

If a language is Strongly typed than it should follow some important rule that While the language is compiled or interpreted it must keep track of all the variables and constants that they are assigned to some data-type. In python programing language variables are not declared with the type of variable. But as the code interpreted the interprets keep track of all the type of variable in it.

Hence the variables initializes are assigned to the type of the category they belong it follows the most important rule of being a strongly typed language. And so we can say that the language is strongly typed.

Python is a strong language
#initialize some variables
var1 = 10
var2 = 20.20
var3 = 'PrepInsta'
#print type of these variables
<class 'int'>
<class 'float'>
<class 'str'>

Liskov and Zilles

Strongly typed languages are "Whenever an object is passed from a calling function to a called function, its type must be compatible with the type declared in the called function"


Is JavaScript type safe?

If a language gives useful output for piece of code than the language is type-safe. Yes, JavaScript along with Ruby and Java are type-safe programming language.

Is Java weakly typed?

No, Java is a strongly typed programming language. Also, java is a statically typed programming language. While writing code in java programmer must declare the variable with the type class it belongs to.

Why TypeScript is strongly typed?

TypeScript is a strongly typed language as while declaring variables in TypeScript we can restrict the variable or constant to some data-types