Dynamic Typing vs Static Typing in Python

Dynamic Typing vs Static Typing in Python

Dynamic Typing vs Static Typing

Dynamic typing and static typing are two different attributes of programing language on which they can be divided. Python is a dynamically typed language which means checking of the variable is done at the runtime. Whereas in the Statically typed language the checking of the variables or any other is done at the compile time. Dynamically typed language is easier to write as no need to initialize the type of the variable, but it also creates confusion while the code is revisited. Let’s see more on “Dynamic Typing vs Static Typing in Python”.

Difference between Dynamically and Statically typed language

AttributeDynamically Typed languageStatically Typed language
AboutIf the type of the variable is checked at the runtime of the code than the language is called a dynamically typed language.If the type of the variable is checked at the compile-time of the code than the language is called a statically typed language.
Code Compilation/InterpretationCode will get interpreted/compiled even if it contain error.Code will not be compiled/interpreted until all the errors are corrected.
Variable decelerationVariable without its type is initialized.Variable with its type is initialized.
LanguagesPython, PHP, Java-Scripy, etc.Java, C, C++, etc.
difference between Dynamic and Static typing

Dynamically Typed language

A language is considered as Dynamically typed language if the variable type of the language is checked at the runtime of the code compilation or code interpretation. In such type of programming languages, we don’t need to initialize a variable with its type. We can declare a variable by writing the name at left and the value at the left of the variable name, Ex Var = 90. Some dynamically typed languages are:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

As the memory allocation and variable checking are done at the runtime of the code, these type of languages are not considered as less optimised than statically typed language.

Dynamic typing in python

Statically typed language

Static typing in python

In statically typed languages the type of the variable s checked at the compile time of the variable declaration. Statically programming languages check the type of the variable or abject while the code enters the compiler. Unlike dynamically typed languages we need to write the type of the variable during initializing it. Ex in java, int Var = 10. Some statically typed languages are:

  • Java
  • C
  • C++

In Statically typed languages once if a variable is initialized to a data-type it cannot be assigned to the variable of a different type. Statically typed languages are faster than dynamically typed languages.


Is go statically typed?

Yes, Go is a statically typed language designed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at google. It is a compiled programming language.

Is C strongly typed?

C is not a strongly typed programming language, instead it is a weekly typed programming language.

what is type hint?

For each method or function, the ability to define the type of the value passed for each argument is permitted by type hint. It will through an error if we use it and do not pass the type of the parameter.

Is c++ strongly or weakly typed?

C++ is more strongly typed as compared to C programing language because it has parametric polymorphism, which let you accurately type generic data-types.