How To Prepare For First Naukri 2024

How to Prepare for First Naukri For Freshers

How to Prepare for First Naukri 2024? First Naukri is a commonly used platform or Job Portal which helps students in getting Job according to their profile.

First Naukri is an online job portal in India that caters specifically to entry-level job seekers and fresh graduates. It aims to connect job seekers who are just starting their careers with employers looking to hire fresh talent.

How to Prepare for First Naukri

In simple words, First Naukri is a platform which other company uses to complete their recruitment process. It also acts as a Job Platform where you can simply login and fill the details according to your profile and then can apply for various Jobs.

Few common companies hiring through First Naukri is :

  • Hexaware (Off-Campus)
  • Incedo
  • Eurofina
  • Newgen Technologies………More

On this page we will provide a generic pattern to prepare for First Naukri and get your dream Job. This pattern may vary and depends upon the company which is hiring. The pattern we are explaining here on this page is after a detailed analysis on different companies hiring through First Naukri.

Along with preparation section we also had a detailed analysis of Eligibility Criteria of First Naukri. Click on the button below to know more about First Naukri Eligibility Criteria. 

How to Prepare for First Naukri Test

Difficulty level of First Naukri is Moderate to high and time is also sufficient to solve the question. Below mentioned are the sections that comes in First Naukri Test:

First Nautkri Test Pattern

  • Aptitude Test
    • Total no. of questions – 20 Questions
    • Total time – 60 mins (Combine)
  • Logical Reasoning
    • Total no. of questions – 20 Questions
    • Total time – 60 mins (Combine)
  • Verbal Ability
    • Total no. of questions – 20 Questions
    • Total time – 60 mins (Combine)
    • Total no. of questions – 1 Questions
    • Total time – 30 mins
  • Technical
    • Total no. of questions – 30 Questions
    • Total time – 30 mins

First Naukri Exam Pattern For Preparation Of First Naukri :

First Naukri is broadly divided into two category i.e  FNAT and FCODE and then FNAT is further divided into Aptitude Test, Logical and verbal.

SectionSub-SectionNo. of questionsSuggested Avg. Time
Verbal Ability20 Question60 mins (Shared)
Logical Ability20 Question60 mins (Shared)
Aptitude Test20 Question60 mins (Shared)
FCODECoding1 ques30 mins
TechnicalTechnical Question30 ques30 mins

Below you can find the topics for How to Prepare for First Naukri Test?

Section 1- Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Importance
Averages 0-2 Medium High
Profit and Loss 1-2 Medium Medium
Mixture and Alligation 0-3 Easy High
Mensuration 0-2 High Low
SI and CI 0-3 Medium High
Time and Work 0-2 Medium Medium
Speed Time and Distance, Boats 0-2 Medium Medium
Percentages 0-3 Medium High
Number System 1-2 Medium Low
HCF and LCM 0-2 Medium Medium
Divisibility 1-2 Medium Medium
Clocks and Calendar 0-2 Medium Medium
Ratio and Proportion 1-2 Medium High
Probability 0-2 Medium High
Problem on Ages 0-2 Medium High

Section 2- Logical Reasoning

First Naukri Logical Topics No. of questions Difficulty
Coding-Decoding 0 – 2 Medium
Blood relations 0 – 2 Medium
Arrangements 0 – 3 High
Critical Thinking 0 – 4 High
Visual Reasoning 0 – 2 High
Syllogism 0 – 2 High
Data Sufficiency 0 – 1 Medium
Letter series 0 – 1 Medium

Section 3- Verbal Ability

First Naukri Logical Topics No. of questions Difficulty
One Word Substitution 0 – 2 High
Spelling 0 – 2 Medium
Fill in the blanks 0 -2 Medium
Preposition and Conjunction 0 – 3 Medium
Synonyms and Antonyms 0 – 2 Medium
Spotting error 0 – 2 Medium
Sentence Arrangement 0 – 2 Medium

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FAQ's on How to Prepare for First Naukri

What are the most important or compulsory sections for the First Naukri?

All the sections coming under First Naukri Examination is Equally important. Focus on all the parts so that you will be able to clear the examination. The Rounds are:

  • FNAT
    • Aptitude
    • Logical
    • Verbal

Is PrepInsta study material enough to prepare for First Naukri?

Yes, according to some candidates, PrepInsta’s research content, as well as mocks and quizzes, is sufficient to pass the test. However, in order to get good grades, you must plan thoroughly using our dashboards.

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