Relational Model in DBMS

Relational Model

In a database management system (DBMS), the relational model is a way of organizing data into a collection of tables, called relations, that have a specific structure and can be related to each other through common columns called keys.
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Relational model in DBMS 

In this article, we will learn about Relational Model in DBMS.

  • Relational model was first outlined  by EF Codd in 1970 and since then it was the most widely used data model and in fact, the only used database management system today in the world 
  • The basic idea between this relational data model is simple two-dimensional tables, also called relations which consist of rows and columns.

Main components of the relational model

  • Rows and columns of tables 
  • Operations on these rows and columns manipulating required data 
Relational Model in DBMS


Student table consists of different types of data like student name, marks, and age, etc and all these details are stored in separate columns where  each individual student details is stored in a separate row in the table.

Advantages of the relational model  

  • Data integrity for accuracy and consistency 
  • No data redundancy 
  • Access control and integrity in the form of constraints which enables validation before entering and accessing the data 
  • Provides high security 
  • Supports to store any type any data types(numbers, characters, date, images, audios, text files )
  • Data can be managed and used by several users at a time.
  • Data can be shared across several platforms.
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