What is Database?

What is Database

What is Database?


In this article, we will learn about What is Database?

The database is a collection of related data, organized in a structured and meaningful way. For computers, having the data stored in a way that is allowed faster –

  • Storage(entry)
  • Access
  • Update
  • Manipulation

Is also important than just having meaningfully sorted and stored. Consider this, there is a phonebook directory, with 1 million + business contacts in your city and the entry is done randomly.

To view this large data, you need to have the name of the business, phone numbers, addresses arranged together in an alphabetical format. Then only it will be called a databases of numbers right?

What is Database?

This is what Database is a most efficient and structured way of storing information together so various operations like entry, addition, updation and manipulation are very easy, along with the view format as well.


Databases in early systems

The databases in early systems were stored on tapes, which were read only format, which means once you store data. It is impossible to delete or update or even add any new data on it easily.

Which is why the father of database system, Founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison found the need to a fully managed database system and launched oracle in the market.

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