Best Books for Placement Preparation

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Must Have Books for Placement Preparation

In this page we have listed out the best books for placement preparation. If you are looking to start your placement preparation journey, these books will be of great help.

Best Books to Prepare For Placements

During college, placements is one of the most important period. Everyone wants to secure a good job in a reputed company before graduation. 

Most companies conduct multiple recruitment rounds before hiring any candidate. This includes a recruitment exam, where they usually ask questions on aptitude and technical skills. 

We have listed out some of the best books to prepare for placements, which you can refer when preparing for your placements.

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Best Books for Placement Preparation

Below you will find the best books to refer to when preparing for your placements. They are segregated into best books for quants, reasoning, verbal, technical, coding, etc,

Best Books for Quants

1. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal

This book targets a wide range of questions ranging from management entrance exam, job recruitment exam to post-graduate courses. This book covers all the aspect of quants and data interpretation of competitive exams. The book is available online for Rs. 500.

2. Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

This book is dedicated to quantitative aptitude that is asked in Common Admission Test (CAT) , required for MBA admissions. The book is divided into blocks, and the questions are segregated based on the difficulty level into two or three stages. This book is very good for practicing the questions last minute. You can get this book online for Rs. 900.

3. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant Publications

This book extensively covers the syllabus for all the competitive examinations like SBI, IBPS, PO, SSC, CDS, UPSC, etc. The questions are divided into two grades:- Basic Level and High Level. It also has a compilation of Basic Concepts and Short Tricks to solve aptitude questions. You can get this book online for Rs. 400.

Best Books for Verbal

1. Quick Learning Objective General English :- RS Aggarwal

This book is specially designed to tackle Verbal Aptitude and Reading Comprehension of CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. It explains theory of grammar and tricks and tips to solve verbal questions. 

2. Word Power made easy:- Norman Lewis

This book is meant to increase your vocabulary and helps to improve your overall English speaking ability. You can find this book online.

3. High School English Grammar and Composition:- Wren and Martin

One of the oldest grammar books, still being massively used. The book is widely referred by students and professionals alike. It is divided into two sections, one part deals with Grammar the second part deals with Composition. This book is available online for Rs. 400.

Best Books for Logical

1. A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal

This book is designed to crack competitive exams like IBPS PO, SSC and other such competitive exams. It extensively covers Logical Reasoning Syllabus and Topics.

2. How to Crack Test of Reasoning by Arihant Experts

Specifically designed to crack competitive exams, this book deals with the problem solving skills necessary to solve logical reasoning questions faster and effectively. 

3. How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma

This book is one of the best for CAT exam and other competitive exams for MBA entrance. It is highly-used for practicing and last moment revision.

Best Books for Technical/Coding

1.Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy by Narimha Karunmanchi

This  book deals with DSA questions for interviews, placement preparation and university course. Professionals can also refer to this book. 

2. C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide by Greg Perry and Dean Miller

A complete guide to learn C as a beginner. This book will explain the fundamentals of C and how you can get started with C programming as a beginner.

3. Python Essential Reference- by David M Beasely

This book is a complete guide to Python. It deals with fundamentals of Python. You can get started with Python by following this book.

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