Accenture HR Interview Questions and Answers

Accenture HR Interview Questions 2023

Find the latest Accenture HR Interview Questions that are most commonly asked in interviews. You can prepare for  Accenture HR Interview here.

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Top 20 Accenture HR Interview Questions

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.


Good day, everyone. I’m ABC, and I’m from Karnataka. I recently graduated from XYZ Institution with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I’ve created projects that you can find on my Github page, and I’m constantly learning new skills. I recently finished my final year project on AI, which was recently published, and I was given the opportunity to present my project at various college levels. Maybe my greatest strength is that I never back down from a challenge and always face a problem square in the face. If you give me the chance. I would be a valuable asset to your company.

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Question 2:- What are your hobbies and interests?


Painting and creating new things are two of my favorite things to do. I always set aside at least 2 hours after college to paint, which helps me relax and improves my visualization skills while also improving my memory.

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Question 3: Can you work under pressure?


Workplace pressure is difficult, but I can handle it by remaining calm, focusing on my task, and remaining patient at all times.

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Questions 4: Where do you see yourself in the next 5years?


In five years, I envision myself in a good position at a reputable firm such as yours. I see myself improving in terms of competence, efficiency, and professionalism. I want to spend the next few years acquiring new skills, taking on demanding work, working on a variety of projects, contributing as much as possible, and putting in the effort necessary to see myself progress to the next level.

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Question 5: When was Accenture founded?


Accenture was founded in 1989.

Question 6: What do you know about Accenture?


  • Accenture is a professional services firm that specializes in IT and consulting.
  • Accenture Strategy and Consulting provides services in the areas of technology, business, and operations strategy. It also provides business, technology, and management consulting services.
  • Accenture Interactive (formerly Digital) is another division that provides services in digital marketing, analytics, and mobility.
  • Accenture Technology provides implementation, technology software, delivery, and research and development services.
  • Accenture Operations is the company’s other division, which provides IT, cloud, BPO, managed operations, and security services.

Question 7: How is confidence different from overconfidence?


There’s a thin line between being confident and being overconfident. Whether you believe you have the ability to complete the task is determined by your trust. And you’re overconfident if you believe you’re the only one who can comfortably complete the mission and that no one else can do it as well as you. As a result, trust is beneficial, while overconfidence is harmful. Your overconfidence has resulted in the loss of your employment.

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Question 8: What are the most important things for you in a job?


The ability to deliver high-quality outcomes on schedule is the most critical component of my profession. This was very important for me during my latest internship, as I completed both my core project and a secondary optional project. The following are the specifics of such initiatives.

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Question 9: What makes you angry?


I am a very self-controlling person who does not quickly become frustrated or angry. However, I must admit that it is stressful when an employee fails to do their duties. When working as a group, everyone in the group should assist one another in order to produce high-quality products. One of my teammates did not finish his work despite my repeated warnings about the deadlines. I went for a long stroll one day and carefully emphasized the necessity of deadlines. He grasped the situation and offered his all to complete the mission.

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Question 10: What software are you familiar with?


I am familiar with the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. I am proficient in Windows and Linux operating systems. I am also familiar with AutoCAD, Photoshop, and meeting scheduling software.

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Question 11: Who is the Current CEO of Accenture?


The current CEO of Accenture is Julie Sweet.

Question 12: Why should we hire you?


I’m an excellent fit for this position. Because of my technical skills and, in particular, my ability to manage and improve websites. 

In my most recent position, I was responsible for updating our department’s website. This necessitated the updating of student and teacher accounts, as well as the public announcement of forthcoming activities. In my spare time, I taught myself JavaScript and Swift. Our department head and Dean of Students congratulated me for taking the initiative and using my coding talents to rebuild our website.

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Question 13: Tell me about your time management skills.


Time management is critical for achieving a clean and excellent output. I always develop a schedule and follow it to ensure that these things are completed. I will be able to provide the highest quality work if I complete these chores on time.

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Question 14: Why Accenture?


Accenture is a globally successful firm. According to the reviews, the work environment is employee-friendly and conducive to professional development.

Question 15:What is success according to you?


I consider reaching minor and huge milestones on the way to achieving a goal to be a success. Success is a process for me in which obstacles push me to think about things differently and come up with innovative solutions to problems. Taking on those difficulties allows me to grow as a person while also assisting me in achieving company goals. Even if I don’t achieve every personal objective at the end of the day, I may leave work feeling satisfied if I have made some effort toward addressing a problem or achieving a goal.

Question 16: Who founded Accenture?


Accenture was founded by Clarence DeLany.

Question 17: What is important for you: money or work?


The job has always been more important than the money to me. Of course, making enough money to support myself is critical. However, I’ve had jobs that paid well but made me unhappy in the past. I’d rather have rewarding work that allows me to help others than make a lot of money doing a job that I despise going to every day.

Question 18: Are you ready to relocate?


I’d like to advance in my career. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new people and expand my network. I’m convinced that it will also help me boost my knowledge. If the possibility presented to me is acceptable, satisfying, and realistic, I don’t believe I would object. In addition, I believe that relocation teaches how to adapt to new situations or collaborate with new people.

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Question 19: Are you an organized person?


I consider myself to be well-organized. I prefer to organize my work according to priorities and deadlines. This is something I do on a regular basis in order to achieve a more productive output. As a result, I am able to deliver the finest quality work in the time I have available.

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Question 20:- Any questions?


We’ve listed a few questions you can ask an interviewer at the end of the interview below.

    • What is a typical workday like?
    • Can you tell me about the office culture/work culture?

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