Wipro Turbo Aptitude Questions

Wipro Turbo Aptitude Test Questions with Answers

Maruti Suzuki Aptitude Test Questions can be found out on this dashboard, this test is conducted by CoCubes. All the information and Paper Pattern is given below. We suggest to book mark our website. PrepInsta is India’s most visited website for Placement Preparation.

You can visit our Main Preparation Dashboard to study for other sections in Wipro turbo like – English, quants, Logical and Technical, visit the Main Preparation Dashboard here on this page.

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Wipro Turbo Quantitative Aptitude Section Pattern

  • Number of Questions – 20 Questions
  • Total Time – 70 Minutes ( No Sectional Timing, time shared with other sections)

Either Quants section will be there or Logical Section will be there in the test. In 50% of the colleges they will give Quants section and in other 50% section they will give Logical section.

While, English, Technical and Coding sections are compulsory sections of the test. 

Wipro Turbo CoCubes based Aptitude Test Questions

Wipro Turbo Quants Questions : Part 1

  1. Number of Questions – 7 – 8 Questions
  2. Suggested Average Time to solve – 1 min max

Wipro Turbo Aptitude Questions : Part 2

  1. Number of Questions – 6 – 7 Questions
  2. Suggested Average Time to solve – 1 min max
Wipro Turbo Quants Papers and Questions with Answers

Wipro Turbo Quantitative Aptitude Placement Paper : Part 3

  1. Number of Questions – 4 – 5 Questions
  2. Suggested Average Time to solve – 1 min 20 secs max

Wipro Turbo Aptitude Paper Questions based FAQ’s

Ques. What is the level of difficulty of the test paper by Cocubes?

Answer. The level of difficulty ranges anywhere between medium to high for Wipro Turbo aptitude test by Cocubes.