What is WeCP Test?

What is WeCP Test?

What is WeCP Test? Word WeCP stands for We Create Problems. Companies perform their recruiting process for qualifying students using WeCP, an ability testing tool.

WeCP does not conduct any exam on it’s own. It is more like different company use WeCP Platform to conduct its exam. So the pattern varies depending upon the company.


More About WeCP Test

The following details can adjust depending on the company’s policies.

What is WeCP Test?

What is WeCP Test?

WeCP is a digital framework for developing, customizing, and administering ability tests.
  • It provides candidates with an incredibly comfortable atmosphere in which to show their abilities by coding, debugging, blogging, answering questions, and video interviews.
WeCP Exam 2021* No. of Questions Time
Numerical Ability 12-15 Ques. 15 mins
Logical Reasoning 12-15 Ques. 15 mins
Domain Related Questions 10 Ques. 30 mins
Verbal Ability 10-15 Ques. 15 mins
Coding 6-8 Ques. 45 mins
Problem Solving 6-8 Ques. 10 mins
Critical Thinking 6-8 Ques. 10 mins
Data Analysis 6-8 Ques. 10 mins

Points to be Remembered:

Difficulty level of WeCP is Moderate to high depending upon the company which is hiring so you need to prepare well for the exam.

WeCP Test Eligibility Criteria

There is no eligibility criteria to take the WeCP Test. Eligibility Criteria depends upon the company which is hirnig.

Mentioned below few generic criteria of any company one must posses:

  • All student of B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, M.Sc, M.C.A.
  • Backlog should be Up to 1 ( should clear before joining)
  • 60% in 10th and 12
  • 65% or 6.5 cgpa during graduation.
BranchesBE/B.Tech, MCA, ME/Mtech or M.Sc.
Other Branches
  • MCA, MBA graduates are eligible to apply.
  • BCA graduates are also eligible to apply.
BacklogNo active Backlog
Class 10th marksMore than 60%
Class 12th marksMore than 60%
GraduationMore than 65%

NOTE: This is a generic Information and can vary.

What is WeCP Test: Exam Pattern (Generic)

Exam Pattern totally depends upon the company which is hiring. Here below we have provided one generic overview of the Exam pattern of WeCP. To know more about WeCP click on the button given below table.

Round 1
Online Written Test
  • Numerical Ability -12- 15 Question
  • Logical Reasoning- 12 - 15 Question
  • Domain Related Questions - 10 Question
  • Verbal Ability- 12-15 Question
  • Coding Round- 6-8 Question
  • Problem Solving- 6-8 Question
  • Critical Thinking 6-8 Question
  • Data Analysis- 6-8 Question
  • Round 2
    Technical Interview
    • Questions related to Technical Background
    Round 3
    HR Round
    • This is one of the easiest Round
    • Questions will be of basics and behavioural