Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions Answers 2019-2020

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions and Answers(Updated)

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions with Answers and Sample Virtusa Polaris Quants Questions asked  from Previous year Papers Aptitude Pattern with solutions asked in Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions with Solutions PDF Section and Virtusa polaris Aptitude Papers for Quantitative Aptitude Papers, L&T Infotech Quantitative Aptitude Questions based FAQ for students and Virtusa Polaris aptitude questions and answers pdf.

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Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions and Answers

Virtusa Polaris Quantitative Aptitude Papers with Solutions PDF

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions with solutions

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Topics Given Below:-

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Questions: 6-8 Ques
Level: Easy- Medium
Importance: Moderate
Time taken to solve: 1min 20sec

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Questions Papers with Answers 

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude test paper with solutions

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Latest Topics Given Below:-

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No Of Questions: 7-8 Ques
Difficulty Level: Medium
Importance: Medium – High
Time taken to solve: 1min – 40sec

Virtusa Polaris Recent Aptitude Test Papers 2019-20

Virtusa Polaris recent Aptitude test paper

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Updated Topics Given Below:-

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No Of Questions: 5-6 Questions
Level: Medium
Importance: Medium
Time taken to solve: 60sec

Virtusa Polaris Important Aptitude Paper Topics 2019-2020

Here we have described all the important topics that comes in the exam for Robert Bosch Aptitude Questions also with their time and difficulty.

TopicsNo. of QuestionsTime
Surds & Indices1-21min 30 secs
Divisibility2-160 secs
Ratio & Proportion140 secs
Time, Speed and Distance0-11 min 30sec
Numbers, decimal fractions and power1-260 sec
Pipes and Cisterns21 min
LCM and HCF2-130 secs
Inverse0-11 min 20sec
Problems on Trains2-150 secs
Permutation and Combinations2-360 secs
Probability1-230-50 sec
Time and Work21 min
Simple and Compound Interest21-2 min
Logarithms0-245 secs
Geometry, Coordinate Geometry
1-220 – 30secs
Clocks & Calendar0-21min – 20sec
Profit and Loss1-245-60 secs
Algebra21 min 20sec
Averages1-21min- 20 sec

Virtusa Polaris Aptitude Test Paper & Curriculum Based FAQ”s

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What are the important topics to study in Virtusa Polaris aptitude section?

We will suggest to you please study all from aptitude sections because all topics are important.