Email Writing Problem 6

Write an e – mail to request to conduct a training session for your associates using the following phrases, with a minim um of 50 words and a maximum of 150 words.

training – sixteen associates – tenth – twelfth August – three days – communication skills – assertiveness – telephone etiquette – e – mail writing – confirm – two days – clarifications.

Solution – 1

Dear Sir,

I request you to conduct a soft skills training program for my sixteen associates from tenth to twelfth August. Please plan for a three days training program that should cover sessions on communication skills, assertiveness, telephone etiquette and e – mail writing. The sessions can be conducted from 10 am to 5 pm with half an hour lunch break and must include tutorials as well as some practical exercises and team games. Kindly confirm the schedule at least two days in advance and also inform about your specific requirement s. Please let me know if you need further clarifications in this matter. Thanks for your support and looking forward to have a useful learning program .

Thanks and Regards, ABC

Solution – 2

Dear sir,

A training is required for our sixteen associates. The training will last for three days from tenth August to twelfth August. The training will focus on communication skills, assertiveness, telephone etiquette and e-mail writing. The training will improve the communication skills as well as guide the associates about telephone etiquette and business e-mail writing. Please confirm the availability by two days prior to the schedule. Please mail us for any further clarifications.

Thanks and regards,