Tata Communications Recruitment Process

Tata Communications Recruitement Process

Tata communications Recruitment Process is given here provides brief description about the every round. Tata communications also Recruit students through offcampus, students can apply through the career page. The complete Latest Recruitment Process is explained over here.

Tata communications hires students students for various posts. The Post for Tata Recruitment happens in various departments as given below. The post assigned is the Get – Graduate Engineer Trainee.

Tata Communication Recruitment Process 2018-2019

Tata Communication Latest Recruitment Process 2019 :-

  • App based test – Valyou App(GlobalGyan)
  • Students are shortlisted on the basis of the Score, they got and Required to appear for further round
  • Pre-placement Talk (15mins) and Q&A
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Panel Interview
  • SVAR Test (wherever applicable for GTNOG shortlisted Candidates only):
  • SVAR is an English Language Communication Test.
  • The test would be of 20 min wherein each student would be given a questionnaire with some instructions.
  • The students would need to call on the phone number provided in the instruction sheet and follow the instructions given.
  • HR Discussion

Communication on Final Selects to the college.

Tata Communication Job Description for the Profiles :-

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Tata Communication  Recruitment Round 2019 :-

Round 1 : It is test on the Mobile app. students can appear for the test from anywhere. Nothing is Proctored. The test consist of 25 Quants questions + 50 Technical Questions.  Total score is conidered , minimum passing marks is required to clear the test.

Round 2: Group disscussion – They just check the confidence level of speaking in the group and they observe the valid points students speak. So, dont speak any rubbish or same thing again and again.

Round 3 : Technical Interview  – This round mainly depends on the post that you have applied . in this round they check your fundamentals of your branch. For Extc  students , they mainy ask networking related questions. For, Computer students they ask questions related to the prgramming.

Some of the Technical questions asked during Interview:-

For EE/EXTC Students :-

  • What is the Stop-and-Wait Protocol?
  • What are firewalls?
  • What is piggy-backing?
  • What are differences between Hub, Switch, and Router?
  • What is protocol? What are the main elements of a protocol?

For CS Students :-

  • What is the difference between an object and a class?
  • What do you mean by virtual methods?
  • How many ways are there to initialize an int with a constant?
  • What do you mean by multiple inheritances in C++?
  • Differences between C, C++ and JAVA?

Round 4 – ( Not for all post ) English test – SVAR Test is the the general english language and communication test, and it is not all the Post.

Round 5 – HR round : They ask general questions regarding you. Hr round is very easy to clear they ask questions about yourself.

Tata Communications Recruitment Process FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Students can easily apply using this two methods:-

  1. Students can directly apply through the careers page.
  2. Tata Comunication visit many colleges every year. so, through campus you can easily apply.

Tata Communication doesn’t have there any own platform for hiring students.  They use Globalgyan as there assessment partner.
They take the Quants test through there valyou app.

No, there is a different process for different posts. There is an English communication test for some post but not for all. You can check Prepinsta recruitment process page for more details.

No Backlogs are allowed at the time of the Interview. Students are required to have no ATKT or Backlogs at time of interview.