Set 4

Student Details 
Name: Ria Kapoor
College: Amity University, Jaipur
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-Campus Interview

Student Interview
Tata Communications conducted a full-time placement drive in our college last year. This was my first interview as a fresher therefore I didn’t want to take any risk. For the 1st written round I referred to the Prepinsta’s TCS placement papers,and almost 80% of the questions were as it is in my aptitude round as they were in the study material of Prepinsta.

Academic Criteria
60% throughout academics
No current backlogs

Number of Rounds
Aptitude Round
Group Discussion
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Aptitude Round

Group Discussion
After the results of the Aptitude round were announced, the students were asked to assemble in the seminar hall for the Group Discussion round. This was majorly a mass eliminating round, as TATA Communications need candidates who are confident, have excellent vocabulary skills, good rational thought process, and general awareness. The topics given to each group were either related to politics, policies set by the government, or social issues.

Face to Face Interview

Technical Interview
The interviewer gave me a smile when I entered. The interviewer began with very easy questions such as what was my favourite subject in engineering, and some questions related to my final year project. Later he moved towards the basic conceptual questions of CSE branch. He pen-down some SQL queries for me and asked me to solve them. Some of the questions were,

Differentiate between JAVA and C
Define Static Variable
What is Pass by Reference and Pass by Value?
Explain Function Overloading.
What are data structures?
What is malloc?
Explain a deadlock situation.
Explain command line argument.
What is data warehousing?
Explain Java Applet.

Later he asked me for my resume, and gave a very thorough read to it. He seemed quite impressed with my OCJP, and CCNA certificate. He asked me few more questions and then I left.

HR Interview
The HR was so cool and friendly. She asked me for a glass of water as I looked like an empty brain faced. I felt so relaxed after that. She began with asking me about the complete interview process and how it went this far. She asked me some general questions to have an overview about my personality. Few questions she asked were:
Why TCS?
Anything you want to add to your resume? Any skills or achievement.
Why should we hire you? Will you be able to fulfil our expectations?

I answered all the questions confidently. There comes the end of my interview by around 4 in the evening and around 11 at night I received the offer letter from TCS that I have been shortlisted for the Induction Program.

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