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    • HelpPrepInsta

      Hey Rishabh, you should probably start with C or C++ then go to Python, as it is the most demanded language in the market right now

      • vamsi

        Hey I am studying my final year graduation of cse help me to get a job what skills needed to qualify in interview.

        • HelpPrepInsta

          Hey Vamsi, since you are from a CSE background it is very Important that you should know atleast two programming language among C, C++, Java and Python, and should have a basic knowledge about the other two, we would refer if you can get certifications in any the two languages mentioned above, other than that it is very important that you should have atleast 2 projects, and by that we mean pretty good projects, on the basis of which you can put yourself infront of the others. After this, you should be very good with your english speaking and communication skills, as they play a major role in your PI round.


  • Surekha

    What is mean by functional interview exactly? And What type of questions asked in that type of interview

    • PrepInsta

      Functional Interview means that if you expierence or working something in the past then interviewer asked related to that like,
      1. Have you ever had profit and loss responsibility for a $3 million budget?
      2. Have you used Quickbooks?