Set 2

Name: Karthikeya
College: VIT
Branch: ECE
Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview
This year, L&T InfoTech, visited our college for campus placements. I was eligible for the
drive because I had 60% in 10 th , 12 th and in all my semester exams, and I didn’t have any
backlogs too. So, I registered myself for the drive and started preparing for the same from
PrepInsta website. My cousin suggested me to refer this website as it provides the most
updated study material, and he was right, the study material was of great help.
The interview process had four rounds:
1. Written Test
2. Group Discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
Round 1- Written Test
The written test was of 120 minutes and there was no negative marking. The question in this
test were based on the following topics:

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Round 2- Group Discussion
In this round the topic given to us was “Should attendance be mandatory in college?” It was a
healthy discussion which continued for approximately 10 minutes. Everyone was given the
chance to share one’s ideas and opinions. The HR personnel were assessing candidate’s
communication and leadership skills.
Round 3- Technical Interview
In the technical round following questions were asked to me:
1. What is top-n analysis in DBMS?
2. Elaborate on the different file systems of DBMS.
3. Write a code for swapping two numbers without using a third variable.
4. Define polymorphism with example.
5. Explain deadlocks.
6. Write a program for bubble sort.
I was able to answer most questions. I correctly wrote all the codes, so the interviewer was
quite impressed.
Round 4- HR Interview
The tech-interview was followed by HR interview. It was a simple round in which the
interviewer mostly asked me about my hobbies, interests, life goals, my plans for getting
settled, and why did I chose L&T. I answered all the questions honestly.
The interviewer asked me I was willing to ask some questions. So, I asked him some
questions related training, office timings, and other details. As a concluding note, he asked if
I was willing to relocate, to which I said yes. I was hoping it was positive sign for me.

Finally, after one hour results were announced, and I got selected for the job. It was dream
come true for me.