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Sapient Placement Paper Process and Analysis

There are four Sections in the test – 

  • Quants
  • Verbal English
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Technical Computer Programming MCQ

For each section there are 25 Questions and Sectional Timing of 30 mins.

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Student Experience

I was a trainee at Sapient Global Markets, recruited from VIT University,Vellore. In addition to this, they required that the candidate should not have any standing arrears. 

The hiring process consisted of three rounds, The first one being a written round conducted by Aspiring Minds. The second interview was to test the problem solving and logical abilities of the candidate and the last one was a typical HR round, testing a confidence level, thought process and other personality aspects of the interviewee.

Review of Sapient

Great first company to work with, they’d wine you,they’d dine you and then they’d bed you.

So, what the above basically means is that they put you through rigorous training and make sure you are completely and absolutely ready to work on live projects. The training includes everything from technical to soft skills, everything. So, as a trainee, you have everything to learn.

I never really went forward to working for them as a full time employee so I cannot answer your question from that perspective.


Atmosphere: Sapient India is a great place when it comes to the office atmosphere. The people are friendly and helping, and you can reach to anyone without much hassle. In most teams, the managers and leadership is supportive and encouraging. 

Quality of Work / Learning: This is one area that varies greatly with projects. In some teams, you could see an amazing level of learning with exposure in the latest technologies, where as some teams work on the basic technology stack. 

Culture: This is where Sapient scores the highest. The culture is great, with good and well balanced core values of the company. There are celebrations for almost all the festivals, which make it a fun place. Also, unless you’re one of the top level executives, almost everyone is seated in the common seating place, with open desks (no cubicles / cabins) which  makes reachability  better and makes you feel equal.

Work Life Balance: This is another area where it scores high. Allotted leaves are more than you will need, and facilitates like work from home when needed help. While in some cases, you could find yourself staying back beyond your regular hours, in most cases, people leave on time.

Pay: Sapient pays higher than the industry standards initially, but the increments are not that great.

To sum up, Sapient India is a great place to work at !

PS: I’ve worked at Sapient Gurgaon for about two and a half years

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