Reliance Jio Interview Questions

Reliance Jio Interview Questions 2018-19

Reliance Jio Interview process consists a number of rounds for their Interview Process. Reliance Jio may conducts different Interview procedures in different colleges. You will get different type of Information regarding Reliance Jio Interview questions on many website which may confuse you. 

Here, on PrepInsta we have sorted and sumed up the informations of Reliance Jio Interview Process and you will also find the Reliance Jio Interview questions with answers here.  For more details related to Reliance Jio Interview questions, we would suggest you to check out this page.

Reliance Jio Interview Process

Reliance Jio Interview Process Pattern

The Reliance Jio Interview Process looks like:

1. Online Written Test 

(Total Time : 30 mins, No. of Questions : 30 Questions)

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning & Data Interpretation
  • Verbal English

2. Technical Test 

(Time : 30 mins)

For Coding branch (IT): 

  • Questions from C, C++, Data Structures, DBMS, OS etc.
  • Questions related to Technologies mentioned in resume.
  • Questions from your B.Tech project.

For Non-Coding branch (ECE/EEE):

  • Network Theory
  • Computer Communications
  • Wireless Communications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Electromagnetic Field Theory

3. 2 GD Rounds

(10 – 15 mins each)

The GD Round of Reliance Jio are compartively easy as compared to other rounds as they are more focused on your coding skills and the your new and fresh ideas as compared to your communication skills.

4. Technical Interview Round

5. HR Interview Round

Note: There is no negative marking for any of the question.

Technical Interview Round for Coding Branches (CS/IT)

Once you clear the Online written test as well as Technical Test along with GD Round, next you have to face Technical Interview Round. This round will be based on the core topics of your branch. 

For more details and Questions asked, visit our Reliance Jio Technical Interview dashboard for CS/IT students.

Technical Interview Round for Non-Coding Branches (ECE/EEE)

Reliance Jio conducts a Technical Interview round for ECE as well as EEE students. This round is the one of important and major round you need to prepare for. In this round, you will be asked questions related to core topics of your branch. 

For more details and Questions asked, visit our Reliance Jio Technical Interview dashboard for ECE/EEE students.

HR Round

This is the last and easiest round of all. During this HR round, you will be asked the simplest questions related to your Job expectations and salary.

You can visit our HR Round dashboard for more details.

Interview Experiences

For best preparation, you should must go through this dashboard as it consists of experiences gained by various students who had gone through the Reliance Jio placements.