Python program to find ASCII values of a character

ASCII value of a character

The machine doesn’t have the capacity to understand languages that humans do, the machine understands binary language and converts everything to binary format. According to The American Standard Code for Information Interchange[ASCII] every number, character or any special symbol has a unique value and are ranging from 0 to 127

  • 0 t0 31 and 127:- End of File/Stream
  • 32 to 126:- Printable Characters

Characters ranging from 32 to 126 includes uppercase
alphabets, lowercase alphabets, numeric digit from 0-9 and all special characters

ASCII value of a character

Algorithm for Converting Character to ASCII

  • Step 1:- Start.
  • Step 2:- Use an predefined function Ord() to get ascii values.
  • Step 3:- print ascii values.
  • Step 4:- End.

Python Program

#user input
Char = input('Enter the character :')
#convert Char to Ascii value
Asciival = ord(Char)
#print Value
Enter the character :@