Interview Experience On Campus 4

The recruitment process of MuSigma is tedious yet fun. Something which will make you wait but is worth it. I’m recruited by MuSigma as a fresher and will be joining in 2015. The rounds that I had to go through during the selection process were:
1. Aptitude:
This round tests your basic understanding of mathematics and logical skills. Especially your interpretation skills. Nothing very complex. So brush up your basics and you’ll be good to go.
2. Video Synthesis:
This round estimates your listening and grasping skills. It also checks how precise and sharp you can put in words what you feel. So a good hold on the Queen’s language will get you through. But remember you don’t have to be verbose to sell an idea. Crisp and bullet points do it better.
3. Algorithm & Problem Solving:
This round will put to test your understanding of algorithms and reflexes to solve a puzzle in a stipulated time. Trying to solve logical puzzles will help you in figuring out how to approach a problem. If you’re strong in iterating a given algorithm and understanding the logic behind it, you won’t have a problem in this round.
4. Group Case Study:
This round is clearly not a typical Group Discussion (GD) round. It tests your all round management skills such as communication, analysing a problem, validating a colleague’s suggestion, interacting with the client, providing solution to a problem, getting feedback from the client, evaluating it and finally reporting it. Trying to understand the real world problem in the given scenario and how possibly it can eliminated should be your prime focus in this round. It takes a lot of presence of mind and logical reasoning to clear this round.
5. Stress Interview:
MuSigma is the fastest growing analytics in the world. The environment of the work place is gonna be very fast paced. So to cope up with that, your adaptibility skills will be tested. Your ability to react aptly to a given situation is important. Guestimate type of questions will be asked. There is no right or wrong answer to that. It is all about how you approach the problem. You’ve to be clear about what you speak. You’ve to be interesting and bit of humour won’t hurt. Be confident and do your homework on Big Data and MuSigma Inc. You’ll be fine.
Finally, it is a cumulative grading process. So every round matters. Make sure you give your best in all the rounds and MuSigma will be more than happy to have you onboard. Good luck!