Set 5

Student Details
Name: Rakhi Kumawat
College: PES college of Engineering, Bangalore
Branch: Computer Science
Type of Interview: On-Campus interview
Student interview
On 18 th October, LTI held a placement programme at our College campus. Many students
from my batch participated in the placement activity. I was really excited as it was my first
on-campus interview. LTI had selection criteria to appear in the interview; firstly you should
have a minimum of 60% in 10 th and 12 th , then you should not have any backlogs or due
exams. I was qualified to attend the interview.
The news of placement interviews was given to use few weeks before, therefore had no idea
on how to start the preparations. One of my friend who was a senior had an experience of LTI
interview, so I asked him. He told me about PrepInsta. I started my preparations from it.
PrepInsta was quite helpful as I got to know about all aptitude questions with proper
explanations. The interview was of following rounds:
Round 1 – Written Test
The written test consists of 8 sections. The time limit was of 120 minutes with no negative

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Overall, the paper was easy with few questions of quants being moderate. I cleared the
aptitude written exam. The following round was Group Discussion.

Round 2-Group Discussion
Many students made it to the GD round. Our topic of discussion was “Why organizations
should give detox holidays to its employees.” I was happy to speak on this topic as it is the
most talked topic these days. The incharge was noticing my communication skills and my
way of presenting the points with correct facts and lastly, my name was called for the next
Round 3- Technical Interview
I was little worried before my technical round. Although, my basic technical knowledge is
strong. However, I was little worried as it was my first interview. The technical questions
asked to me were:
 What is the difference between C and C++?
 Briefly explain some DBCC commands used in SQL?
 What are linked servers?
 How to find deadlock in database systems?
 What is SQL data reader?
 What is a Frame Relay?
 How is cloud computing benefitting the banking sector?
The interviewer was quite impressed as I answered all the questions correctly and with
Round 4- HR Interview
Finally, I reached the last round of the selection process, i.e., HR round. The HR person
made me comfortable. He asked a few questions about me and my family background. Then
he asked me why I wanted to join LTI and what my future five years goals. Further, he asked
me that if I am comfortable in working under pressure and what are my plans related to
higher education. He asked me to wait outside. Later, I was called and informed that I am
selected for the job.