Decimal to binary conversion using Java

Decimal to Binary conversion using Java

In this article we will create program for decimal to binary conversion using java. For this purpose we need to ask a decimal number from user and convert that decimal number to its binary equivalent form and then print the converted number on to the screen.
Decimal to binary


For conversion, we divide the decimal number by 2 and get the quotient 
for the next iteration and continuously store the remainder value in an 
array in reverse order till the decimal number is greater than 0. For better understanding with an example just have a look towards the diagram 
shown at the right.

Example : Decimal number 5 = 101 in binary representation.
Decimal to binary conversion using java


  • Initialize a empty array name binary
  • While decimal is greater then zero
  • If decimal is even r equals to 0 and else set 1
  • Append r to binary
  • Set decimal as half of its value

Java Code

//Java program to convert decimal number to binary number
public class Main
	public static void main(String args[])
		//Decimal Number
		int decimal = 12;
		//integer array for storing binary digits 
		int binary[] = new int[20];
		int i = 0; 
		//writing logic for the conversion 
		while(decimal > 0)
			int r = decimal % 2;
			binary[i++] = r;
			decimal = decimal/2;
		//printing result
		System.out.print("Binary number : ");
		for(int j = i-1 ; j >= 0 ; j--)


Binary number : 1100

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