How to prepare Mettl written test

Prepare for Mettl Written Exam

Many companies hire through Mettl Assesment Exam and You are at the right place for the preparation, Prepinsta will help you to prepare the best for the exam. Mettl Assesment test consists of the  Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests, coding Tests and Domain Tests. Students can also take the Free trial test and prepare them accordingly.

They also have Campus Hiring for various companies using Proctor test via Microphone and webcam. Mettl Conducts Hackathon for the students. 

2000+ Companies hire using this platform. Some of them are Amdocs, Syntel, Olx, Microsoft, Toshiba, Autodesk.

How to Prepare for Mettl

How to Prepare for Mettl written test

About Mettl Exam:-

Mettl Exams conducts placement exam for various companies.

  1. The company uses pre-built tests or customize one to fit the company needs.
  2. Mettl generates the test links and sends it to the student to give the access for the test.
  3. After all the students appear for the Exam., the passing percentage is set by the company and result is sent to the hiring company.

Mettl also conducts the Mettl Certify Exam – the online certification software program.

All the rounds of Mettl Exam are given below:

Round 1
Online Written Test
  • Aptitude Test ( Quants + Logical + Verbal ) – 30 questions in 30 minutes
  • Computer Fundamentals – 25 questions in 30 minutes
  • Coding Questions – 2 questions in 40 minutes
  • Psychometric Test – 40 questions in 12 minutes
Round 2
Technical Interview
  • Questions related to Technical Background
Round 3
HR Round
  • This is one of the easiest Round
  • Questions will be of basics and behavioural

The following written tests are conducted by Mettl:-

  • Aptitude test – measures your general, verbal, quantitative, and mechanical aptitudes.
  • Computer Fundamental and Coding test – assesses your programming language skills in Python, SQL, Java, C++, C#, and more.
  • Psychometric test – measures your motivation, leadership skills, stress management skills, and cognitive abilities.

Mettl also provides additional functionality to the employers to create their own test and assessment.

Mettl Syllabus and Preparation Syllabus

  • Aptitude test (Quants, Logical, Verbal)
    • No of Questions – 30
    • Time – 30 mins
  • Computer Fundamental test
    • Number of Questions – 25
    • Time – 30 mins
  • Coding test
    • Number of Questions – 2
    • Time – 40 mins
  • Psychometric test
    • Number of Questions – 40
    • Time – 12 mins
Note – This is the general syllabus for the Mettl Exam. Below you will find the detailed about each round of exam.

Mettl exam importance and Difficulty level for each section

Mettl Test Question sections
Difficulty Level
No. of Questions
Aptitude Section
30 min
Computer Fundamental
30 min
Coding Section


40 min
Psychometric Section


12 min


How to prepare for Compaines hiring through Mettl?

Before appearing in actual company written test, explore Mettle and give sample test onit.

Is there any time limits for mettl questions?

Since Mettl is a cloud-based service, all of their assessments are conducted online. Each Mettl test has its own distinct structure and time limit; some tests are timed and some are not.

Is coding section compulsory ?

Give first priority to coding and give at least half an hour to programming.

How do I take a sample test on Mettl?

To give a sample test on Mettl, you need to go to pre-built test and you can take any test which is not earmarked as premium.

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