How to Prepare for Coding Test

10 ways to ace your coding test

How To Prepare For Coding Test in Placements?

Coding is an integral part of placement preparation. Often students are confused about how to prepare for coding test in placements. Find the complete guide on this page.

Prepare for Coding Test

If you are looking to get a job in an IT company, then knowing how to code is an integral step, irrespective of your branch. 

Depending on the company (Service-Based or Product-Based) different types of Coding Questions are asked. We have compiled a complete guide such that you can prepare Coding for placements.

What to Prepare for a Coding Test?

how to prepare for a coding test

How to Prepare For Coding Tests?

Follow the steps below to prepare for coding tests. These steps are enough to clear coding tests for both service-based and product-based companies.

Step 1:- Picking a Language

Among the four basic programming languages C, C++, Java and Python you need to pick out a primary and secondary coding language.  Your primary language should be your preferred language while your secondary language should be your back-up language. You can learn these languages on PrepInsta.

Step 2:- Basic and Intermediate Coding

Once you have mastered the programming languages, then move on to basic and intermediate coding. This includes practicing intermediate level programming questions that are asked in most service-based company’s exams. 

Check out the course here:- 

Step 3:- Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms is a prominent topic asked in recruitment exams. You can prepare DSA in your primary language.

Step 4:- Additional

Apart from MCQs and hands on coding, some other types of questions that can be asked are:-

  • Pseudocode
  • Automata Fix
  • DBMS
  • SQL
  • Operating Systems
  • Software Engineering

Step 5:- Advanced Coding

Once you have finished with the above steps and you have time you can check advanced coding. This section is more suited for product-based company exams.

On following the above steps, you can clear the coding tests for the major service and product-based companies.

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