How To Prepare For ECE Placements

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How Should An ECE Student Prepare For Placements?

Being an ECE student if you are also confused regarding your placement then this page is for you. You can prepare for ECE placement by referring this page.

Placements for Electrical and Communications Engineering 2023

Many ECE students are confused about placements. They do not know when to start and where to start. Here, we have listed how ECE students can start their placement preparation. 

  • Core Companies:-
  • The major core companies that hire Electrical and Communication graduates include:-

    • Texas Instruments
    • Analog Devices
    • MicroChips
    • Intel
    • Amd
    • Qualcomm
    • GE
    • ABB
    • Schneider Electric
    • Volvo
    • Cisco
    • Arista Networks
    • Tejus Networks
    • Infinera
    • Bosch
    • Continental

    To get into a core company you have to have good command over the major subjects of ECE. Some of the most important subjects that you need to know, for ECE placements are:-

    1. Electronic Devices and Circuits
    2. Control Systems
    3. Microprocessors And Microcontrollers
    4. Switching Theory And Logical design
    5. Analog and Digital Communications

  • IT Companies
  • Many Electrical and Communications Engineers opt for IT companies for placements. ECE students with an interest in coding and technology are well suited to get placed in IT Companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, hire ECE graduates.

    A Complete Guide to Prepare for Electrical and Communications Students

  • Core Companies
  • Core Companies want to hire ECE graduates who have a good knowledge of their core subjects. Additionally, you can develop skills that are in demand in the Electrical and Communications industry. This includes:-

    1. Internet of Things
    2. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    3. Embedded Systems
    4. PCB
    5. VLSI
    6. VHDL

    These are some of the most important skills that ECE students should develop for placements.

  • IT Companies
  • ECE graduates can also opt for IT Companies like TCS, Wipro, etc.  The recruitment process for getting into an IT company, this includes:-

    1. Online Assessment
    2. Group Discussion
    3. Interview

    How to prepare for Electrical and Communications Engineering placements?

    Below you will find the complete roadmap to get into an IT company for an ECE graduate.

    Roadmap To Prepare for ECE Placements

    how should an ece student prepare for placements
    ece placements

    ECE graduates can also apply to IT companies for entry-level jobs.

    The recruitment process is divided into the following rounds:-

    1. Online Assessment
    2. Group Discussion
    3. Interview

    Online Test

    The first round is the online test. The topics that are usually asked in online test include:-

    • Quantitative Aptitude:-

    Questions on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, etc.

    • Logical Reasoning:-

    This requires to solve questions with a tactical approach. Common topics include blood relations, data arrangements, set theory, directions, etc.

    • Verbal Ability:-

    It checks the basic grammar and English communication of a candidate. 

    • Visual Reasoning:-

    Similar to logical, it tests the critical thinking of a candidate. However, the questions are represented in imagery rather than sentences.

    • Data Interpretation:-

    This includes tabular and graph problems.

    • Programming:-

    Programming questions include MCQs and hands-on programming questions.

    Check Important Links:-

    Group Discussion

    Group Discussion round tests a candidates communication and presentation skills.

    Check Important Links:-


    IT company interviews are categorized into three categories.

    • Technical Interview

    Technical Interviews test a candidate’s technical skills. 

    Relevant Links for Technical Interview:-

    • Managerial Interview

    It is a compulsory round for most product-based companies. Here interviewers ask situational and behavioral questions.

    Relevant Links for Managerial Interview:-

    • HR Interview

    Last round of the interview process. It deals with testing a candidate’s personality and how they will adjust with the company.

    Relevant Links for HR Interview:-

    Some Additional Points

    1. Resume Building

    When applying for any job, the first step is to build a resume. You have to create a good resume that is attractive to the recruiters.

    Relevant Links for Resume:-

    2. Interview Puzzles

    Puzzles are asked to test a candidate’s IQ and how out of the box they can think in given situation.

    Relevant Links for Puzzles:-

    3. Digital Skills

    Apart from everything, you can also develop digital skills, which will help you in upskilling and get higher packages in IT company.

    • Machine Learning
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Ethical Hacking
    • Big Data

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    FAQs on "How to Prepare for Placements ECE?"

    Question: Which technologies should an ECE student focus on that has a good scope?


    You can focus on technologies like:-

    1. Internet of Things
    2. Arduino Uno
    3. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
    4. PCB
    5. Embedded Systems

    Question: How do I get a job in a core ECE company?


    Focus on your subject matter and develop skills that are in demand for core companies.

    Question: What are the job fields for an ECE student?


    Some of the fields ECE students get selected in:-

    1. Electrical Engineer
    2. Field Test Engineer
    3. Software Analyst
    4. Communications Engineer