How to Apply For Off-Campus Drives?

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How to Apply for Off-Campus Placement Drives?

If you are also confused about how to apply for off-campus placement drives, then this page is for you. Find all the necessary details on how to apply for off campus drives and get placed in good company here.

How to Apply for Off-Campus Placements?

To apply for Off-Campus drives, you need to be updated on when a company is hiring. Most students miss out on Off-Campus drives because they are not aware of when the company is hiring. And by the time they are made aware of the hiring, the drive is either already closed or the link has been retracted. Hence, it is always advisable to apply for Off-Campus drives as soon as the registration starts.

  • Instagram

On PrepInsta, we have dedicated Instagram pages that are segregated on year-wise or batch-wise, which you can refer to. We post Off-Campus job updates as soon as the drives are announced along with the registration links.

  • WhatsApp

PrepInsta has dedicated WhatsApp groups which are segregated year wise. Just join a group that is relevant to your batch. Here, you will get job drive updates and registration links for the same.

  • Discord

Hop onto our Discord server to stay updated on which company is hiring. On our Discord server we post exclusive drive updates for our viewers. You can join the server below

  • Telegram

Join our Telegram channels, where you will get latest job updates for all the drives. We have official and discussion forums that are divided into year wise groups. You can join groups that are relevant to you.

  • YouTube

Follow our YouTube channel. We go live whenever a new drive comes for all the Off Campus batches. Additionally, we also post preparation videos for various exams.

How To Apply For Companies That Hire Off-Campus?

Many companies hire students off-campus and their hiring go on throughout the year. Below we have listed some of the major product-based and service-based companies that hire off campus, and how to apply for these companies off campus.

  • Google

One of the biggest product-based companies that hire off-campus is google. They have hirings all year long for various entry-level and experienced positions. The hirings are live on their careers page; you can apply for them by filling out the application forms. Additionally, referrals are also a good way to apply for Google. To get referrals, you can reach out to the employees of Google, and ask them to refer you for the same.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is another big product company that hires college graduates. Apart from their on-campus drives, Microsoft also runs various off-campus drives on their career pages. Similar, to Google, Microsoft also runs referral drives, where the candidates can apply for various positions considering a referral from any Microsoft employee. Usually, Microsoft hires at an intern level, and after successful completion of the probation period, they can offer full-time employment.

  • Amazon

Amazon hires all throughout the year. They have various on-site and off-site job roles for which you can apply. They also conduct various hackathons and competitions, and excellent performers get shortlisted for interviews with Amazon.

  • TCS

TCS is the biggest service-based company that hires freshers and experienced candidates. Their hiring goes all year long and they have various off-campus drives. The biggest drive that they conduct is TCS NQT, through which they hire for the Ninja and Digital role. Additionally, they also have a paid NQT, through which TCS hires experienced candidates as well for multiple companies.

  • Wipro

Wipro is a service-based company that does mass hiring every year for freshers as well as experienced graduates. Some of the drives that Wipro conducts include Wipro Elite and Wipro WILP for bachelor students. Additionally, Wipro posts on their careers page for various job vacancies.

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