HCL Online Test Pattern 2018 for Freshers for Written Aptitude

HCL Aptitude Test Pattern for Freshers 2018

HCL has a fairly simple Test Pattern. The last time HCL Exam Pattern was changed was in April 2018. When a general knowledge quiz section was also added in the test.

On this page you will find all the information on HCL Online Test Pattern 2018 or HCL Written Test Pattern 2018.

HCL Written Test Pattern 2018 and HCL Online Test Pattern For Freshers 2018

HCL Written Test Pattern For Freshers 2018

Academic Eligibility –

  • Candidates who have hold B.E/ B.Tech/ M.E/ M.Tech/ M.C.A (Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, IT, IS)/ B.Sc (Computer Science, Mathematics, Electronics, Statistics, IT)/ BCA degree / Diploma can apply for campus drive of company.
  • You must maintain 65% in 10th class, 12th standard, Degree and Post graduation (if applicable) with no standing arrears or backlogs.
  • Candidates who drop more than two years are not allowed.
  • No backlogs are allowed.
  • Candidates must have Good Communication Skill.


  1. MCA + Engineering:
    1. Branches: Computer Science, IT, Electronics & Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Communications
  2. BCA+BSC:
    1. Branches: Maths, Science, Computer Science, Electronics

Written Test Pattern Analysis

  1. Quantitative Aptitude – 15 Ques
  2. Verbal English – 15 Ques
  3. Logical Reasoning – 15 Ques
  4. Technical Ability – 15 Ques
  5. General Knowledge on Geography Capital of Countries and Oceans etc – 5 Ques


HCL Aptitude Test Pattern 2018No. of QuestionsDifficultyImportanceAvg time to Solve
HCF and LCM1 – 2MediumMedium50 secs
Number System1 -2MediumMedium1 min
Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns1MediumMedium50 secs
Profit and Loss2HighHigh1 min 10 secs
Interest, Mixtures and Allegations1 – 2HighMedium50 secs
Logarithms1MediumLow50 secs
Permutation and Combination
2LowMedium1 min
Geometry1 – 2HighLow1 min
Time Speed and Distance1 – 2MediumHigh50 secs
Probability1 – 2LowMedium50 secs


HCL Verbal EnglishNo. of QuestionsDifficulty LevelImportanceSuggested time to Solve
Sentence Correction2MediumMedium40 Secs
Reading Comprehension3HighHigh3 mins
Grammar1 or 2HighMedium45 secs
Synonyms and Antonyms1 or 2MediumMedium45 secs
Fill in the Blanks1 or 2MediumMedium40 Secs
Spelling0 or 1MediumLow30 Secs


HCL Written Test Pattern Logical 2018No. of QuestionsLevel of DifficultyImportanceSuggested time to Solve
Directional Sense

1 QuestionsLowLow45 Secs
Logical Reasoning2 QuestionsMedium – HighHigh1 min 10 secs
Coding and Decoding1 – 2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 min 10 secs
Data Sufficiency
2 – 3 QuestionsHighHigh1 min 10 secs
Pattern Analogy2 QuestionsMediumMedium45 Secs
Number Series1 – 2 QuestionsMediumMedium45 Secs
Logical Statement Assumptions2 QuestionsMediumMedium1 min


  • Computer Basics
  • Data Structures
  • OOPS

Tips for this section –

  • Number of Questions: 5 – 6 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Low-Medium
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 20-30 Sec
  • Code input outputs
  • Networking

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 4 – 5 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 30-40 Sec
  • OS
  • DBMS

Facts about this section –

  • Number of Questions: 4 – 5 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 1min 30 Sec

General Knowledge

You can find the general knowledge pattern on our HCL GK Dashboard.

Quantitative Ability: The candidate is tested on basic Mathematical concepts like arithmetics, geometry, algebra, HCF and LCM, divisibility, decimals, powers, profit and loss, compound interest, time, speed, and distance, permutations and combinations, logarithms, and probability.

Reasoning Ability: The candidate’s logical skills will be tested. The topics included under this section are logical reasoning questions, puzzles, statements and arguments, data sufficiency, coding and de-coding, directional sense, pattern analogy, number series, deductive logic, and statement-assumption.

Verbal Ability: The candidate requires to have fundamental knowledge and verbal skills to answer this section. The questions in this section test the candidate’s grammar, vocabulary, and other verbal skills.

Technical Ability: In this section, the commonly asked questions are on data structure and algorithms, C Programming, OOPs concepts. This section is relatively difficult.

Technical Interview

The Technical Round is the second phase of the HCL Recruitment Process. Only those candidates who qualify the Online Written Test will proceed to this round. If you are from a Computer Science stream, you must be well prepared on topics like C language and data structures, OOPs concepts, database, etc. If you are not from a computer science background, you could be asked questions about past projects that you have worked on, your internship experience, project diagram, basic questions.

HR Interview

The Human Resource round is the final round of the HCL Recruitment process. The candidates who qualify the Technical round will be eligible for this round. The common questions asked in this round are, “tell me about yourself”, “why HCL”, questions related to your family background and educational background, etc, The candidate’s who make it through this round will be offered a job at HCL.