Do internships matter for companies?

Importance of Internships

If you have doubts regarding internships like, “Do internships matter for companies?“, “What are the importance of doing an internship?“, “Where should I do an internship from?” and more then you are at the right place. In this page you will find answers to all your doubts regarding internships.

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What is an internship?

In simple words internship is a training which helps students in get practical or hands on experience on industry level projects. Internships help a student develop soft skills and hard skills, which they would require once they start working in their professional career. Many MNCs and educational institutions offer internships for eligible students. Interns who show a promising work are often offered full time work roles, and other benefits.

Why should I do an internship?

Now that we are clear as to what an internship is, let us see why you should do an internship. Many students often wonder if there is any merit in doing an internship. Well the answer is yes. The simple reason why you should consider doing an internship is that, internships provide you with work experience, which helps you stand out against the competitors. Having an internship mentioned on your resume, shows that a candidate is some-what trained and will be able to work more efficiently for the company. 

Do Internships Matter for Companies?

Employers and recruiters when hiring, often prefer candidates who have done internships over those who have not. We have often seen that when candidates with similar skill sets are competing for the same profile, the ones with more internships on their resume are likely to get hired more frequently than the others. The reason for this is that candidate’s with an internship are often more promising in delivering efficient results then candidates with no internship.

Importance of Internships

Standing out to recruiters is not the only benefit of an internship. There are several reasons why you should consider doing an internship. Below we have mentioned the multiple benefits of doing an internships.

1.Improve your resume

A good resume is the key to crack any job interview. And adding an internship experience in there will make you resume better. In interviews for the most part the interview questions that are asked, revolve around the resume, and skills mentioned in there.

Many interviewees have quoted that recruiters/interviewers often asked more questions about internships then any other field mentioned in their resume.

2.Skill Enhancement

Perhaps the biggest advantage or benefit of doing an internship is skill enhancement. Majority of the students, in college undergo a curriculum that is  biased towards theoretical knowledge over practical application. As a result students often struggle when working. Internships help there.

In an internship a student is guided by a trainer who teaches them and makes them work on skills that are required for working in industries. The projects on which interns work during an internship, help them develop necessary skill sets, for working in industry.

Thus internships help them gain hands-on experience, which help them work in companies.

3.Working in a Professional Environment

The shift from being a student to an employee is drastic. Internships help a student understand the ethics and rules of working in a corporate, which helps them adjust better when they start working professionally.

In an internship, an intern is put in a team with a team leader and team members. They have to follow schedules and attend meetings. All of this help a student understand corporate structure, employee relations and leadership structure. These in turn makes the transition from a student to an employee easier.


Internships also help a student expand their professional network. In today’s competitive world, having connections and acquaintances is very helpful to students. Having a good network helps a candidate find jobs more easily. 

Thus internships are a perfect way to meet experts in the area you want to go into as well as meet people with common interests.

5.Opportunity to Explore your Professional Interests

Many students are clear as to what they want to do in their professional career. The domain they would like to go in, and the company they want to get placed in. Some students are lost and do not know where they should apply once there college is over.

Internships help both the categories of students. Students who are set in their plan, when get a chance to work in a similar role, they can see for themself whether their dream career meets their goals. Internships show them whether the career path they want to undergo is actually suited for them or not.

Students who are not sure where to go get a free reign to intern in various fields, and find a field where their talent lies.

Where should I do an Internship?

Choosing the Right Company for an Internship

When looking for internship opportunities, you will have a variety of companies to choose from. You may intern for a small business, a medium-sized organization or a multi-national organization. Working on any of these organizations will help you acquire hands on expertise that you can mention in your resume and draw interest of a potential employer.

 An internship in any organization regardless of its size, will help you advance in your career. However there are still certain advantage each of these organizations hold over the other. Below we have mentioned the advantages of interning for a small organization as well as for a large organization.

Interning for a Larger Organization vs Smaller Organization

Commonly asked Question Do Interships matter for companies

Larger Organizations: MNCs

  • Interning for a large MNC, can provide substantial boost to your resume.
  • You will get access to diverse resources and connections, during your internship.
  • Larger Organizations have a rigid work structure, and your roles and responsibilities will be clear from the start.
  • Students who have a clear idea of what they want they want to do in future, will benefit more, in these internships

Do Internships really matter for companies

Smaller Organizations: Startups

  • You will get more insights, and get the opportunity to be innovative and will contribute in more activities.
  • Exposure to multiple work fields, and get a chance to work on different domains
  • You will get a chance to network with people from various area of interest
  • Students who are not sure, or have multiple interests, should opt for startups as they get exposed to multiple opportunities

How to apply for an Internship?

Once you are clear which company, you want to do an internship in, all that is left is to apply for an internship. There are many ways in which you can apply for an internship. Some of them are:-

1.Apply from the company’s website
  • many companies have hiring pages or recruitment pages, where a candidate can apply for an internship.
  • you can navigate to this page through the company’s homepage or searching on Google with the query “company name job”.
2.Apply through drives
  • multi-national companies like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft conduct drives to recruit interns.
  • these drives are mostly for students in their pre-final and final year.
  • PrepInsta’s Instagram Page always updates these drive as soon as they are announced along with the application link and guide on how to apply. Follow our Instagram page to be on alert.
  • if you know or are acquainted with an employ of the company you want to intern for, you can ask them for a referral.
  • you can also reach out to employees of company’s on LinkedIn and ask them for referrals.

FAQs on Internships

Question: Are internships important for placements?


Internships are important for your job search because they add a lot of value and skills to your CV. A resume that shows the candidate’s substantial hands-on experience is far superior to one that shows no or very little industry experience.

Question: Why are interns important to a company?


Interns are hired by businesses of all sizes and industries to provide important support to their existing employees. Internships enable businesses to invest in their own future development while also allowing them to find new talent and potential leaders.

Question: Do interns get a full-time job opportunity?


Employers use internships as a test drive before making a final decision, so interns, this is your chance to prove you’re a worthy hiring. If you do it well, you could be among more than 50 percent of interns who are offered full-time positions as per many researches and surveys.

Question: Which mistakes should I avoid as an interns?


Here are some of the major mistakes which are made by interns and as a result they are unable to grab full-time opportunities.

  • They’re not being proactive
  • They’re not seeking feedback
  • They’re not speaking up
  • They’re not being professional
  • They’re not taking initiative to work on other projects

Question: What are the benefits of an internship?


  • Working Experience
  • Helps you to connect and build a network.
  • Adds value to the CV.
  • May turn into a full-time position.
  • You get to know yourself.