CapGemini Recruitment Pattern 2018 for Freshers

CapGemini Recruitment Pattern for Freshers

Capgemini recruitment pattern has changed this may and the new pattern has different syllabus at all. On this page you will find all the information that you need to know about Capgemini recruitment pattern for freshers 2018

capgemini recruitment test pattern for freshers 2018

CapGemini Recruitment Pattern 2018

Capgemini Recruitment Pattern for Freshers is same for both on campus and off campus placements, for both they use CoCubes, but the syllabus is different than normal CoCubes. Also, even the questions of the test are not provided by CoCubes. But, Capgemini provides its own Question Bank.

About 84% of the people who were placed in Capgemini in 2018 had prepared from PrepInsta. We hope to increase this number this year.

Detailed Pattern –

  • Written Test
    • Quants
      • Time – 25 mins
      • Number of Questions – 16
    • Logical Reasoning
      • Time – 25 mins
      • Number of Questions – 16
    • Essay Writing
      • Time – 30 mins
      • Number of Questions – 1
    • Capgemini Pseudo Code MCQ
      • Time – 30 mins
      • Number of Questions – 20 Ques
  • Interview Technical
  • Interview HR

Detailed Recruitment Pattern


  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio’s
  • Averages
  • Geometry
  • Data Interpretation
  • Speed & Distance
  • Algebra
  • Equations
  • Progression


  • Attention to Details
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Blood Relations
  • Flowcharts
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Statement & Conclusions

Essay Writing

  • Time Duration for Essay Writing – 30 mins
  • Number of Essay – 1
  • Total Words – The number of words were never mentioned in the test however the CoCubes Text Editor(CoCubes hosts test for Capgemini) had a limit of 5000 words.

You can find more Information on our CapGemini Essay Writing Dashboard.

Pseudo Code

  • C
  • C++
  • OOPS
  • Data Structures
  • Pseudo Code

Detailed Candidate Experience

  • Name: Ravi Thottumkal
  • Branch: ECE
  • College: M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus

Student Interview

Recently Capgemini India visited our campus for the on-campus recruitment drive.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student should have secured a minimum of 60% in 10th, 12th.
  • The student should not have any backlogs at the time of joining.
  • The student should not have education gap of more than one year.

I fulfilled this criterion, so I was eligible to participate in the drive.

Selection pattern

The selection pattern had three rounds:

  1. Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical/HR Interview

Round 1- Written Test

Capgemini’s written test was conducted by Cocubes, and it was an online test. This section is standard for all the branches.

Cocubes Pattern of Questions for Capgemini Pattern is as follows:

  1. Quants: There were questions on Data Interpretation, speed, and distance, boat and stream, etc. This section was bit hard because the time limit was 25 minutes and the questions were little tough to solve.
  2. Logical reasoning: This was my favorite section as I was able to attend all the questions in given time.
  3. Pseudo Code: This section contained questions on C, C++, OOPS concepts, Data Structures & Algorithm. The time limit for this section was 20 minutes. I scored well in this section because my technical skills are strong.
  4. Essay writing: This was the last section of the first round. The time limit was 30 minutes. There is no Syllabus, but you must be aware of current topics related to politics, economy, national and international happenings, etc.

The sectional and overall cut-off for the test was 70 percentile. I have prepared from PrepInsta website as they provide interview preparation materials for Capgemini placements. I cleared the cut-off and was called for the second round.

Round 2-Group Discussion

In this round, the students were divided into groups, and a topic was assigned. Topics were related to happening in and around you. In this round, the interviewer expected the students to give valid and relevant points. This round was conducted to check our interpersonal skills. I was confident about my selection as I have good communication skills. Eventually, when the result was announced, I was called for the last round.

Round 3- Technical/HR Interview

The technical interview was elaborative. The interviewer glanced through my marksheets and started asking questions from every subject. Some in detail and some in an overview fashion. I was asked about the subject that I considered to be my strength. Obviously, a few in-depth questions related to that subject were asked. Then, I was asked about the projects that I had done in the past. I remember he went deep into microcontrollers, signals and system.

Later the interviewer took my HR round and asked some personal questions like,

  1. Is any of your relative associated with the company?
  2. What is the biggest achievement of your life?
  3. What are your greatest professional strengths?

  4. How do you feel about working in nights shift?

  5. What is your commitment towards the company?

Overall the complete experience of the interview was something new for me, and I added more of confidence in me.

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