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Capgemini Essay Writing Test

Capgemini Essay Writing Questions and Paper




20 mins

Adaptive/Non Adaptive

Non Adaptive

Negative Marking



capgemini essay writing questions answers 2020

Capgemini Essay Writing Details


Capgemini Written English Test Questions


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Interview Experience

Capgemini Interview Experience

Then the most awaited moment came which was the day when we were so glad and so tensed for that drive. In the early morning, I woke up and took a bath and dressed in a formal dress. Then we became ready to go to our college. At 9 am we have gone to college. Then the hr of the company came and gave a presentation about their company. We were unknown about so many things that they have discussed. The discussion was so good and our interest in joining that company then increased. We were eagerly waiting for giving an interview and getting selected.

Then the first round which was aptitude and essay writing started at 10 am. I got the result at 11 am that I got selected for the next round. Now this round was technical round with a good number of conceptual technical questions. I also cleared that round then another round was face to face round. In the round, they were asking questions from my subjects and some hr questions were also very important questions. I was so satisfied with my interview.

Capgemini Essay Topics Analytics 2020

Stats about Capgemini Essay Writing

Number of Questions 1 Questions
Cutt Off 1 Questions
Difficulty 70 High

Capgemini Essay Writing Topics based FAQ’s


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