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References in C++

References in C++

Problem with the pointer is we can change the existing variable address in future and hence insecure.
Reference variables are introduced to overcome this problem.
Definition: A variable when declared as a reference becomes an alternate name for the existing variable by pointing to the existing memory instead of creating a new memory.
They are also called as alias variables or link variables.


data_type &refernce_variabe=value_variable;


int a=5;
int &z=a;//now z and a have same address
References in C++
  • In the above example, variables ‘a’ and ‘z’ are pointing to the same memory address
  • So that ‘z’ becomes the alias name for ‘a’
  • Any change in ‘a’ will also reflect change int ‘z’ and vice-versa

Program to demonstate reference variables

using namespace std;
int a=10;
int &b=a;//b is alias of a
int &c=b;//c is alias of b
cout<<"a:"<<a<<" b:"<<b<<" c:"<<c<<endl;
c=20;//a,b also becomes 20
cout<<"a:"<<a<<" b:"<<b<<" c:"<<c<<endl;
cout<<"&a:"<<&a<<" &b:"<<&b<<" &c:"<<&c<<endl;//a,b,c has same address


a:10 b:10 c:10
a:20 b:20 c:20
&a:0x6ffe34 &b:0x6ffe34 &c:0x6ffe34
  • Initially ‘b’ is made as an alias of ‘a’ by giving the address of ‘a’ to b now ‘c’ is made an alias of ‘b’, as ‘b’ is pointing a’s address ‘c’ also takes the address of ‘a’.
  • Hence ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ are having the same address and become an alias to each other.
  • Now, ‘b’ is changed to 20, as a result, ‘a’ and ‘b’ also becomes 20 because they are having a common memory space.

Differences between Pointer Variables and Reference Variables

Pointer Variables 

  • Initialized anywhere and any number of times
  • Pointer variables have separate memory
  • Pointers are not that secured because of reinitialization
  • It can be void or null

Reference Variables

  • Initialized only once and at declaration only
  • Reference variable will point to the same memory of the value variable
  • They are secured as they are constant  pointers
  • It cannot be void or null


When the reference variable is lost it can be accessed through another alias, but if the pointer is lost, the whole security comes into question.


  • The internet architecture is developed by C++ under call- by-  reference concept
  • Many other applications like Chat dialogue box, we can observe gtalk box used in video conferencing, teleconferencing and live telecast etc.

Call by reference in C++

void swap (int& first, int& second) //aliasing a and b 
int temp = first;
first = second;
second = temp;
cout<<"x:"<<x<<" y:"<<y<<endl;

int main()
int a = 2, b = 3;
swap( a, b ); //func_call
cout<<"a:"<<a<<" b:"<<b<<endl;
return 0;


x:3 y:2
a:3 b:2
  • Here instead of passing address through pointers ‘x’, ‘y’ are made aliases to ‘a’, ‘b’
  • As ‘x’ and ‘a’, ‘y’ and ‘b’ both are made to have the same address, change in one affects others