You’re e-mailing a client with product information after they telephoned you with an inquiry.

Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” – recently – innovative – huge market share – excellent after sales services – arrange demo – discount on bulk orders

Dear Client

We are from so and so company. As per your request , in this mail we have provided details of the product. We have recently Launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA” , It is very innovative and this product has a huge market share and excellent after sales services, If you want we can arrange demo on this product. If you are interested on this product we give a live demo also. There is a discount on bulk orders. If you want to order this product please call on 145487956.

Thanking you
yours sincerely

Solution – 2

Dear Client,
At first ,we are very pleased to hear from you .
Our main initiative is to help people for a clean & a healthy environment .
As the part,we Launched vaccum cleaner “EEGA” project to hit the market. Recently this innovative idea expelled from student idea.
our product has a huge market share with exellent after sales services are provide .
we will arrange demo promotions where we will provide discount on bulk orders for our customers .
Thanks & Regards,
Service Head.