How to answer: Do you have a good work ethic?

How is your work ethic?

How is your work ethic?” or “Do you have a good work ethic?” or “Describe your work ethic?are the most important HR questions asked in many companies. It is one of the most tricky behavioral questions that can be asked in your interview. On this page, you can find the complete guide to answering this question.

Page Highlights:

  • Why is “Do you have a good work ethic” asked?
  • How to answer that question?
  • Differences between Good Work Ethics and Poor Work Ethics
  • Sample Answers.
Do you have a good work ethic interview question and answer

Why is “Do you have a good work ethic” asked?

HR Questions are mostly asked to know about the candidate. By asking “Do you have a good work ethic?”, The interviewer will get to know the candidate more. They want to hire candidates who are hard-working, motivated, responsible, accountable, self-disciplined, and able to stay focused on the work. You have to highlight these keywords while explaining your answer.

How to answer "Describe your work ethic." in an interview.

The best way to answer questions like these is to show that you are ahard-working and reliable. Avoid any points that might have negative influence, like I am always working. Be sure to know the distinction between good and bad work ethics.

Differences between Good Work Ethics and Poor Work Ethics

Good Work Ethic

  1. Always loves to do work.
  2. Wants to complete work on time.
  3. Keeps personal problems out of the workplace.
  4. Loves to work overtime.

Bad Work Ethic

  1. Always loves to escape from work.
  2. Wants to extend the deadlines for no reason.
  3. Gets irritated easily.
  4. Doesn’t like to work in time.

Important Points to Remember

Sample Answers: "Do you have a good work ethic."

Answer 1: Tell me about your work ethic.

I’m an enthusiastic, and dedicated individual who always wants to complete my work in time. For example, every day I make a timetable to do my tasks. Until and unless my tasks for the day get complete, I won’t go to bed.

Answer 2: Describe your work ethic.

I’m dedicated to working with my team to discover and implement new methods for the completion of tasks in the office. We as a team, work together and find an efficient solution to the problems. During our project work, we have created an API for customers’ understanding which was not a part of our work. But we put our own time into creating that API and with all our hard work the project gets succeeded and got the best project of the year award.

Answer 3: How would you describe your work ethic?

I would like to describe my work ethic as reliable and consistent. I enjoy my work and find it easier to stay productive and motivated. I always stay happy when my daily tasks get completed. This happiness makes me, continue my work for the next day too. Through this, I can be able to produce my work in a productive way.

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