TCS Prime Role

What is TCS Prime :

TCS Prime is a newly launched job role that TCS offers to its freshers. TCS Prime Hiring Process will base upon the score of TCS NQT Exam. TCS NQT or TCS National Qualifier Test is an exam conducted by TCS for TCS Hiring Process. TCS Prime is considered to be one of the hardest exam in TCS. TCS Prime placement process is tougher than the existing digital.

What is TCS NQT

TCS Prime Salary and eligibility

  • TCS Prime Salary :
    For UG: INR 9,00,000 per annum
    For PG: INR
    11,50,000 per annum
  • Eligibility :
    1. Full time Graduates from B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH / M.C.A / M.Sc.
    2. Should be in Final Year.
  • Recruitment Pattern : Below steps are there in the recruitment process of TCS Prime :
  1. Online Written Test  consist of aptitude and coding question.
  2. Technical Interview Round 1
  3.  Technical Interview with HR round 2

TCS Prime

TCS Prime role will be offered through TCS NQT exam only. You have to be performed very well in the exam to get the interview call for the role. TCS NQT exam contain questions of aptitude and coding that showed in the image below :

TCS NQT Pattern 2024

TCS NQT Prime Eligibility :

Educational QualificationFull time Graduates from B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH / M.C.A / M.Sc
Required Percentage60% through
GapNot more than 2 years
BacklogNot  more than 1 active backlog

TCS Prime Interview :

TCS Prime Coding :

  • TCS Prime Coding Questions : In the exam, there are 3 coding questions need to be solved in 90 mins both for digital and prime. You need to solved all question for getting interview call for prime role.
    You can prepare coding question from here :

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

TCS Prime salary is approx 9 LPA.

There are 2 interviews for the role of TCS Prime.

The difficulty level of coding question asked for TCS Prime role is medium to hard.

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