Why did you score less in 12?

Why did you score less in class 12?

Why did you score less in class 12 is a very common question if your resume reflects undesired percentage. Academic scores during an interview are sure to get some pats and snares depending on the figures. However, it only holds as much importance as you want it to have.

Answering this question needs caution and care.  Make sure the reason is strong and self explanatory.

Key Points To Remember:

  • Be honest
  • Give a valid reason
  • Express concern
  • Show areas of improvement
  • Reflect genuineness
  • Counteractive actions taken

How to answer - "Why did you score less in class 12?"

If you think that scoring less in higher secondary can turn your luck upside down, then you’re wrong. Let’s see why?

A Step Ahead Than The Scores

If you fear that your scores can break your chances of selection, always remember that you were shortlisted for the interview on the basis of your resume. So, the interviewers already know your scores. Hence, you’re a step ahead than your scores. This is the time when you validate your low scores an answer confidently.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Be honest when you answer this question. The reason for your low scores can be varied, so choose a proper one (the real one) and express it openly. Do not lie because then cross questions on one lie can give way to hundreds.

Use Active Reasons / Explanations

Reflecting activeness as a cause of low scores can give you an edge. This means that you give importance to practical learning over theoretical learning which boosts your cognitive development and not just over burdening your mind with unnecessary theories.

Give preference to Subjects

If you are into engineering and you scored less marks in grammar, you can always validate it by saying that you enjoyed science more than you did other subjects. This can help you to please the interviewer that explains your hard work into something that your enjoy.

Use Projects / Extra-curricular Activities

Engaging in self curated projects or extra curricular activities which enrich your experience can always act as a positive influence over the low scores. Use them to counterbalance the scores.

Best Possible Answers for "Why did you score less in class 12?"

Possible Answer:

The low score in my 12th standard is for two main reasons. First is that I wasn’t ready for the pressure that came when I stepped in standard 11th. It got tougher in 12th and I lost all interest in it. I managed to pass in all subjects but couldn’t get top scores. The second reason would be my growing interest in experiments and outside the class activities. Me and my friend were fanatics and wanted to explore as much as we could. So we collected random stuff to experiment several types of mechanisms. To be honest, we did come up with some super stuff which everyone applauded for which fostered my interest towards mechanical engineering grew and I opted for it in graduation.

Possible Answer:

My class 12 marks do not stand up to the expectations because my family was going through a period of crisis then. Joint family pressures and the obligations to fulfill all of their needs created a stir in our family. It was at its peak during my final terms and I couldn’t concentrate enough because I was the eldest among all and had to look after my siblings. I know I couldn’t balance my family and studies well then but when I got my results it shook me. Since then I have practiced and learnt to balance multiple things together and have achieved a good level of multitasking capacity. The low scores were the biggest lesson of my life that did more good to me than bad.

Possible Answer:

Yes, I know my 12th scores are not up to the mark and it has been my regret from the start of my career. I was an average student for all my school years but in 12th I got into bad influence that completely threw me off the track. I couldn’t understand why my parents kept scolding me for the entire year but one thing that hit me hard was the report card. The moment I saw my scores I knew why they chided me all year long. I decided to rectify my mistakes in my college years and got rid of all those people who were bad for me and my career.

I got into a good college through sports quota because I was a fairly good basketball player and wanted to get my career back on the track. One thing I definitely learnt from this is that your companions can make or break you, so choose wisely who you want to be with and just work hard to build your career.

Possible Answer:

During my higher secondary years I was involved in a lot of co-curricular activities and was made the team leader in several projects. I might have scored less in academics but one thing I am very sure of are my skills and abilities that nourished me throughout the two years of my school life. I entered a decent college and participated in activities again but this time I balanced the two worlds together and ranked fifth in the university. My leadership and management skills have only grown since then and I assure you to showcase my best capacities if I am selected for this position.

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FAQ on Why did you score less in class 12?

Should I say that I was not interested in studies directly?

No, saying that studies bore you would be wrong. Instead you can use reasons to state why studies did not interest you more than other activities. State the benefits of the activities apart from studies.

Will my class 12 scores hamper the chances of getting selected?

Not really. The interviewers already know about your scores and yet shortlisted you for the interview. All they want is to test your confidence and reasoning capacity. Answer honestly and voila! you are done.

What if they don’t believe my reasons and reject me?

The interviewers will never reject you on the basis of marks if your personality and presence of mind stands up to their mark. Give a valid reason for your scores and substantiate them with examples or insights. This will help you to gain momentum.