What Are Your Hobbies and Interests?

what are your hobbies and Interests

What are your hobbies & interests?

“What are your hobbies and Interests?” Having hobbies or interest that lay outside your work environment facilitate a better cognitive development for an individual. Even during a technical or managerial interviews, you can expect questions about your hobby to come up significantly.

This trick question can seem to be unrelated with the interview atmosphere but has an underlying significance to it for the interviewer. The candidate if asked should be ready with a practiced answer and not fall into a puddle on coming across with it.

How to answer "What are your hobbies & interests" interview question

There’s a reason why the interviewers throw such questions at you. They evaluate your communication skills and your ability to adapt to difficult or pressure situations along with team work and active level.

  1. Select your hobbies –
    The hobby(s) shouldn’t be random partying and eating one. Try to associate the hobbies with the job profile you’re interviewing for and how you’ll execute your action with their help.

  2. Skill / Quality Identification –
    Choose such hobbies which help you cultivate skills and qualities that might assist you to get a work done. for example hobby like playing a sport can help you gain the skills of teamwork and co-ordination that an interviewer looks for in an employee.

  3. Correlate the activity or hobby with your job –
    Considering a particular hobby as essential for the interview try to create a direct connection with your job profile. For example, if software development if the job then let the interviewer know about the apps or games that you’ve developed as a hobby. It’ll add extra weightage to your answer.

  4. Demonstrate a situation and how you will use your skill to get a way out from it –
    Comprehending a situation, planning your action and then implementing it is a tiresome task. It gets easier if that situation seems familiar with your skill and how it can help to present the desired results. If you can relate and sight example you can add another point to your scoreboard.

What are your hobbies and Interests: DO's and DONT's


  • Make sure to have a hobby
  • Make the hobby relevant to your job
  • Showcase your creativity
  • Be attentive
  • Be real and sincere about your hobby
  • Be ready for cross questions regarding the hobby
  • Explain it in a few lines
  • Convey the genuine role of your skill in the workplace
  • Include hobbies like sports, traveling, tech, music, dance, arts.
  • Carry samples or soft copies of your creativity to make a positive impact


  • Never say you have NO hobby.
  • Make sure not to over exaggerate your hobby
  • Do not make vague statements about your hobby. Example: I like collecting books but hardly get the time to read them.
  • Do not include activities like eating, sleeping, partying with friends as your hobby.
  • Do not get too comfortable when answering the question. They might catch you off guard
  • Don’t obsess over finding a perfect hobby
  • Don’t get superficial only to impress
  • Do not plagiarize any concept only for the sake.

Possible Answers for 'What are your hobbies & interests?'

Possible answer:

I was in the tenth grade when puzzles and board games piqued my interest and since then they have been my hobby for life. Solving casual jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku games, crosswords in the magazines has been my fascination forever now. However, while learning to solve them in a month’s time to decoding them in a week and now even in few days, I have learnt so much in this process. This hobby has definitely cultivated the qualities of patience, consistency, planning and observing while doing a certain task. The basic principles of completing a task despite the existing hurdles will definitely help me to work and plan my activities accordingly without getting too anxious or impatient with time.

Possible answer:

Having one hobby is good but having two which compliment each other and help you strengthen your abilities is always better. My hobbies of practicing Yoga and Meditation has instilled in me the highest level of calm and self assurance that nothing else could. Our working pattern in this industry is very hectic and there’s no time to relax your muscles. We are needed to be on our toes all the time. So these hobbies of mine have been very helpful to take some time out for myself and connect to my inner self thus bridging the gap between my mind and soul. Daily practice of Yoga and meditation also helps me to concentrate better in my work and I do not feel lethargic or demotivated by anything at all.

Possible answer:

I have always been fascinated by designer car models. They help me to think about the numerous possibilities that exist in this world. I have been into car designing since my school days. I was an amateur in the beginning and created basic models but now me along with my friend have started to work on a more advanced level with better designing. This has increased my creativity level and now I can think out of the box to find a solution for any problem and use my unique ideas to get an upper hand. I started designing just out of hobby but I know I can deliver my best in terms of ideas if anyone needs my assistance to plan out any task or project.

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What are your hobbies and Interests


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FAQ on Hobbies and Interest

If I do not have any hobby what should I say?

You should always have something to say for your hobby. Never say i have NO hobby. Try to think of a skill that you can talk about passionately for two minutes and use it as a hobby. That will help.

Why is hobby important for the interview?

The question about hobby becomes important for an interviewer because it takes into account the capacity of an individual to fir into the workspace. They evaluate your cultural fit into an organization and determine your effectivity.