Are you not overqualified for this position?

Why Interviewer pose this question?

In interviews interviewers generally ask this question “Are you not overqualified for this position?”

This question arises in our mind  “What Interviewer wants to know?”

Interviewer wants to check your confidence whether you find this job perfect for yourself or are you still unsatisfied with the position?

Basically, he is asking this question just to make sure that you won’t fly the coop if you get better job options.


Are you not overqualified for this position? top 5 answers

Here are some tips how you can answer this question when it comes up.

  • Demonstrate the sincerity of your commitment to the employer.
  • Do emphasize the opportunity presented.
  • Encourage him that you’re looking to stay for the long-term will help you overcome this objection.
  • Show benefits in bringing you in the company for the current position instead of someone else.
  • Again, use your cover letter or email introduction to explain why you want this exact job.

Best Possible Answers for
"Are you not overqualified for this position?"

Possible Answer:

“My experience will be an asset to the company and will help me be successful in this position.”

Possible Answer:

“I’m here because this is a company on the move and I want to move up with you. With more than the minimal experience to just skim by, I offer immediate returns on your investment. Don’t you want a winner with the skill sets and attitudes to do just that?”

Possible Answer:

No sir I don’t think I am overqualified for this job because as a fresher I have theoretical knowledge and this job provides me practical knowledge which is very important for my future growth.

Possible Answer:

No, I don’t think that I am overqualified for this job.

As mentioned in the job description the skills for this job role is matchable to my skills and knowledge so I feel I can perform well for this job.

As it will be more helpful for me to improve all my skills and knowledge.

Possible Answer:

No sir, I don’t think I am overqualified for this job, in my opinion, qualification does not come with theoretical knowledge, Experience makes you more qualified because analyzing the situation in real-time makes us more prominent.

Possible Answer:

No, mam I don’t think so. Because there is lot to learn in this world. So, I can never be overqualified, yes I can be qualified in particular fields. So this position is like my another field.

Possible Answer:

No sir I don’t think, I am overqualified I am just well qualified. It would be my positive point as I would apply all my knowledge and experience which I have gained from my qualification to perform better in my present job.

Possible Answer:

Qualification is not everything. I believe that every task teaches a new lesson to a person. I am very sure that if I am offered this job then it would enhance my skills.

Possible Answer:

This opportunity is very attractive to me, and although some might look at my past experience and think I am over-qualified, I think I am perfectly qualified. You can rest assured that I will dedicate the same amount of effort to this position as I would dedicate to any higher-ranking position.