Persistent Interview Questions for Freshers

Persistent Interview Questions for Freshers 2022

Find Persistent Interview Questions for freshers for both CS/IT and Non- CS/IT students asked in 2022.

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Persistent Interview Process

Persistent conducts two-three Technical interview rounds followed by an HR round:

  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Persistent Technical Interview Questions

Question 1:- Mention the features of the C programming language?


The following are some characteristics of the C programming language:

  • It is both simple and effective.
  • The C programming language is machine-independent.
  • C is a programming language for intermediate programmers.
  • It’s a programming language with a defined structure.
  • It offers a large library of functions.
  • Memory Management in Real-Time.
  • C is a lightning-fast person.
  • In C, we can use pointers.
  • It can be expanded.

Question 2:- In C, what is pointer to pointer?


In C, you can use a pointer to hold the address of another pointer. This type of pointer is known as a double pointer or pointer to pointer. 

  • The first pointer stores the address of a variable. 
  • The second pointer stores the address of the first pointer.

Question 3:- Write a code on Radix sort.

Question 4:- What are the different types of data structures?


The types of data structures are as follows:

List: A Lists are collections of related objects that are linked to the previous or subsequent data elements.

Arrays: Arrays are collections of values that have the same value.

Records: Records are a group of fields that each hold data from a single data type.

Trees: Trees are a type of data structure that arranges information in a hierarchical fashion. This type of data structure follows the addition, deletion, and alteration of data items in a specific order.

Tables: Data is maintained in the form of rows and columns in tables. These are similar to records in that the result of a data change is reflected across the entire table.

Question 5:- Write a program to insert a node in middle of the linked list.

Question 6:- Explain why Python is an interpreted language.


  • The term “interpreted” means that regardless of the programming language you choose for coding, if it is an interpreted language, the machine will execute each line of code line by line. 
  • Python programmes are typically written from source code, with no intermediate compilation stages or processes.

Question 7:- Write a program to search an element in the linked list.

Question 8:- What does Boot.ini do?


Boot.ini displays all of the operating systems installed on the machine and tells you which partitions they are on.

Question 9:- Write a code for finding the Harshad number.

Question 10:- What are Preprocessor Directives?


Preprocessor directives are included at the start of every C program. This is where library files are supplied, which will vary depending on the functions used in the program. The declaration of constants is another application of preprocessor directives. The # symbol denotes a preprocessor directive.

Question 11:- Write a code for Heap Sort.

Question 12:- Write a code for implementing a queue using two stacks.

Question 13:- Explain Priority queue implementation using array.

Question 14:- Explain the insertion in Binary Search Tree.

Question 15:- Explain the deletion in AVL Tree using a program.

Persistent HR Interview Questions

Question 1:- Tell me about yourself.


I saw your job description as a recent graduate. According to my understanding, the position requires a level-headed individual who is willing to take on new tasks. I believe I am an ideal candidate for this role. I learned programming on my own as a mechanical engineering student. I’ve created projects that you can discover on my Github page, and I’m constantly learning new things. In my engineering class, I was an active member of the student body and served as a liaison between students and faculty members. Perhaps my greatest skill is that I never back down from a challenge and always confront a problem head-on. If given the chance. I would be a benefit to your company.

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Question 2:- What are your plans for higher studies?


Now I’m focusing on the now. There is also the option of developing abilities in assisting clients with home design in addition to retail experience. Any learning opportunity that would help me provide better service to my customers will be welcomed.

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Question 3:- Will you work under a bond of two years?


Yes, Sir, I’m happy to sign the bond if I get everything I’ve been looking for in a dream job and you believe I’m the greatest candidate for this position. You can count on my attendance.

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Question 4:- How quickly do you adapt to new technology?


Learning new things is something I enjoy doing. I am capable of swiftly learning new things and then using what I have learned in a practical way. In college, I completed numerous projects using technology that I studied either independently or through graded classes.

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Question 5:- Do you have any questions for me?


Question to ask: What is the most fascinating project you’ve worked on for this firm?

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