WeCP Eligibility Criteria

WeCP Eligibility Criteria

What is the WeCP Test and WeCP Eligibility Criteria?

WeCP is an acronym that stands for “We Create Problems” and WeCP Eligibility Criteria is depended on the companies that conduct its exam through this platform.

Companies use WeCP, a skill assessment tool, in their recruitment process for qualified students to test their performance capacity according to the needs of their organization.

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wecp eligibility criteria

Eligibility Criteria For WeCP 2021

There’s no seperate eligibility criteria for WeCP, however, the companies that hire via WeCP have their own predetermined criterias. Some of the criterieas overlap while some are unique to companies.

The eligibility criteria varies from company to company. Still, we tried to give an overview of the detailed eligibility criteria for WeCP and here it is: 

WeCP Criteria Information
Qualification B.E./B.Tech / M.Tech, M.C.A, B.Sc(CS,IT)
Other Graduates BCA and MBA graduates can also apply.
Graduation Type Full-Time course recognized by Central/State government of India
Eligible Branches Circuit Branches
Industry IT Sector
Job Location Across India
Arrears or Backlogs No Arrears Allowed

Mentioned below few generic criteria of any company one must posses:

  • All student of B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, M.Sc, M.C.A.
  • Backlog should be Up to 1 ( should clear before joining)
  • 60% in 10th and 12
  • 65% or 6.5 cgpa during graduation.
Note : This is the basic information and may vary. 

WeCP Test Pattern and Eligibility Criteria

According to our analysis, we have a generic exam Pattern for WeCP that does not comply to all the companies. It is just an estimate and can vary from company to company epending upon their preference and policies.

Round 1 - Online Written Test

Added information about WeCP Test Pattern for 2021 freshers:

  • There is no Negative Marking
  • The level of difficulty is moderate to high
  • All the sections are compulsory to attempt if given in the test
  • The test is Non-Adaptive in nature
  • The total number of sectional in a test can vary between 4-8
  • The mode of exam is Online.

The pattern for the WeCP Online Assessment is given below:

Sections No of Questions
Numerical Ability  10-12 Questions
Logical reasoning 12-15 Questions.
Domain Related Questions 10 Questions
Verbal Ability 12-15 Questions
Coding Round 6-8 Questions
Problem Solving 6-8 Questions
Critical Thinking 6-8 Questions
Data Analysis 6-8 Questions

Round 2 - Technical Interview

This round totally depends on the interviewer. The technical interviewer Round tests your technical skills and evaluates your projects and certificates during your academic years. You need to be very clear about the subjects mentioned on your CV.

Few technical Questions that are mostly asked in the interviews are:

  1. What are the different normal forms?
  2. State and explain the basic principle of OOPs.
  3. Define thread. 
  4. Difference between merge sort and quick sort. 
  5. What is the difference between C and C++? Explain with a real life example. 

For more such Questions, can refer to our technical dashboard.

Round 3 - HR Interview

This is the last and one of the easiest but the trickiest round from the whole hiring process. The HR Round assess your communication and conversational skills. This round is all about your strengths and capacities of performing a given task.

Some of the most common questions are:

To prepare some more HR Questions, can click on the button given below 

FAQ's on WeCP Eligibility Criteria

Ques: How much time is required to prepare for MindTree or similar type of companies?

Actually this depends from company to company. But for companies like MindTree, Hexaware, Bosch and so, it’s possible to clear the online test if you go through the previous year based Questions from our respective dashboards, 1-1.5 months before the exam. 

Ques: Do I try to haggle over the salary they've offered?

Being a fresher, you are not supposed to do this. Whatever salary they are offering you should go for to gain an experience in corporate world. If you are an experienced person, you are supposed to mention the salary expection to the interviewer, but don’t negotiate with it. This gives a bad impression to the interviewer. 

Ques: How was PrepInsta helpful for you to prepare for these kinds of exams?

PrepInsta helped a lot with previous years pattern based Questions and similar kinds of Aptitude along with the coding Questions that usually come in the final exam. 

Ques: What is the actual exam pattern for this test?

As WeCP just provides platform to the companies the pattern may vary from company to company. Let’s see the general pattern here:

  • Online test
  • Technical Round
  • HR Round.