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Most Frequently Asked Questions For TCS NQT 2024: Freshers


TCS NQT Announced!!

This year TCS NQT has changed its hiring process completely and which created a huge chaos among students. On this page you will get the commonly asked FAQ for TCS NQT 2024.
Before looking into the questions first go through TCS NQT Dashboard to understand the test pattern and to check the practice questions.

Top Most Asked FAQ for TCS NQT

Yes, this hiring of TCS NQT is specifically for 2024 passouts. You must be 2024 batch passout with a degree in BE/B.Tech/ MSc/MCA in any specialization.

Check our eligibility criteria page for more detailed information: Read more

The registration deadline will be announced soon. Check our Registration Process Page to know the important details of TCS NQT Registration Process.

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TCS NQT is going to be a non- adaptive test this year.

Adaptive test: In these types of test if you are correcting every question then the level of next question increases gradually. And as soon as you start solve question incorrectly the level again goes down.

Non- adaptive Test: In these types of test the difficulty of questions are already set, and do not vary.

TCS NQT offers both In-center as well as remote mode.

You can opt for whatever you find convenient. (this would be our personal recommendation- in-center mode as all technical issues, glitches could be avoided. Remote is convenient but has many drawbacks too)

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Please visit https://nextstep.tcs.com/campus/#/
  • On the Login screen, click the “Unlock Account & Reset Password” link.
    After 15 minutes, an automatically created email for password recovery will be sent to you.
  • Please refrain from clicking the link more than once since each time you do, it will take 15 minutes to establish a new password and send it to your registered email address.
  • Please use a desktop or laptop.
    Please use the most recent version of Google Chrome or Edge and clear your cache, history, and cookies.

Yes you can if you are a 2024 passout. Focus on performing well especially in Part B (Advanced section).

Check our Advanced Section Page to know more about this page: Read More

60% or 6CGPA is the minimum criteria so you gotta suffice that. If you have done diploma you can use that to apply but again, the eligibility criteria must be fulfilled.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions For TCS NQT

Top FAQ for TCS NQT 2023

No, you can’t switch between sections. Once you will complete your first section then only you can switch the section.

Choose your language according to your convenience. You will get an option between 6-7 languages to choose from.

You can check our coding page to understand in detailed about TCS NQT Advanced Coding Round: Read More

You must have all of your X, XII, Diploma, UG, and PG academic transcripts, as well as your semester and degree certificates.
At the time of the interview and when you join, your original documents will be checked.

Please enter your CGPA as a percentage, complete the application, and click “Apply for Drive.”

Please check our How to Apply page to understand about Apply Process: Read More

Yes, you can modify your photo before applying for a ticket. We kindly ask that you upload your photo by carefully according to the guidelines. Make sure the system has posted your most current photo.

Each candidate is only allowed to have one profile. The candidate would be disqualified from the TCS Campus Hiring Process if they create duplicate profiles. For the deletion of your duplicate profile, kindly send an email to [email protected].

Check other Important Videos to clear your doubt!!

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