HCL HR Interview Questions

HCL HR Interview Questions 2023

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HCL Recruitment Process

HCL Recruitment Process consists of the following rounds:-

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

You can find more about the HCL recruitment process on this page: HCL Recruitment process.

HCL HR Interview Questions

Question 1:- Introduce yourself.


This is the first question asked in any interview. Give a brief introduction including your basic details, educational background, etc.

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Question 2:- Where do you see yourself in three years' time?


Talk about your future aspirations and goals.

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Question 3:- What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Talk about one to two strengths and weaknesses. Always include at least one weakness when answering this question.

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Question 4:- How do you manage stress?


Talk about your stress management techniques. This commonly includes things like meditation, taking a walk, reading, etc.

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Question 5:- Can you work under pressure?


Working in companies like HCL you can expect a lot of pressure and deadline work. Therefore, this question is asked to check whether the candidate can cope with the high pressure.

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Question 6:- How do you resolve your mistakes?


It is expected that you make certain mistakes while working on a project. However, what matters more is how you resolve these mistakes.

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Question 7:- What is your strongest point?


Talk about your strengths and skills that make you a better candidate.

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Question 8:- Flipping coin puzzle


You are in a room blind folded. There are 10 coins kept in front of you where 5 are kept heads up and 5 are kept heads down.

It is not possible to determine which side is up by touching them.


  • The task is to separate these coins into two piles of 5 such that both the piles have an equal number of heads up.
  • You are allowed to flip the coins any number of times.

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Question 9:- 3 glass and 10 coins puzzle


You have 3 glasses and 10 coins. The objective is to distribute ten coins among the three glasses such that each and every glass has an odd number of coins.

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Question 10:- Handshake puzzle


At a party, everyone shook hands with everybody else. There were 66 handshakes.

How many people were at the party?

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Question 11:- Would you be comfortable working overtime?


Companies like HCL have rotational shifts and there will be times when you have to work extra hours. This question is asked commonly to check whether the candidate can work overtime or not.

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Question 12:- Are you ready to relocate?

HCL has multiple branches all over the country and after training they will place in you in one of these branches. Therefore, they often ask candidates whether or not they can relocate.

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Question 13:- What are you expecting from this job?


Different people expect different things from a job. Some expect growth experience, some expect exposure, some expect additional supports, etc.

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Question 14:- According to you what is healthy competition in the workplace?


Competition is normal in a workplace. However, it should not be toxic or unhealthy. It should always be professional and within boundaries.

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Question 15:- Are you able to work from home?


With the pandemic, many IT companies, including HCL are offering their employees work-from-home or hybrid work model. Thus, you should know how to prepare the set up such that you are comfortably able to do remote work.

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Question 16:- Who is the CEO of HCL?


The current CEO of HCL is C Vijayakumar.

Question 17:- What services does HCL provide?


Some of the most popular HCL services include, Hybrid Cloud Services, Digital Workplace Services, Unified Service Management, Enterprise Studio, and Next-gen Network Services.

Question 18:- Where is HCL headquarters located?


HCL headquarters is located in Noida, India.

Question 19:- How would you rate me as an interviewer?


Interviewers can ask you to rate them or give a feedback of them and whether there was something you did not like about the interview. 

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Question 20:- Do you have any questions for me?


Before the end of the interview, always ask the interviewer one or two questions as it will give a good impression to the interviewer.

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